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Directed by Gias Uddin Selim
Written by Gias Uddin Selim
Starring Chanchal Chowdhury, Farhana Mili, Fazlur Rahman Babu and Mamunur Rashid
Release date(s) February 13, 2009
Running time 138 min.
Country Bangladesh
Language Bengali
Budget 20 Million Tk (Bangladeshi taka)

Monpura is a Bengali language film based in Bangladesh. Directed by Gias Uddin Selim, Monpura is film based on romance in a rural scenario. The debut film of Gias Uddin Selim has made huge hype even before its release. The shooting of the film was started in June 2007. It was shot in different places including Dhunot(Bogra), Khushtia and Dhaka.

The film 'Monpura' has the star casting which is not based on glamour of face but the glamour of acting. Chanchal Chowdhury plays the role of Sonai. New Actor Farhana Mili plays the role of Pori (daughter of a boatman). And the young couple are well supported by veteran actors Mamunur Rashid and Fazlur Rahman Babu.



Monpura is a story centrev around a man named Sonai. He had been banished from the life he lived previously because the autistic son of the man he worked for had killed a young girl and the blame was placed upon him. He was sent to live in a deserted island by name of Monpura. His solitary life was thrown into motion by the instant love he felt for a fishermans daughter, Pori, who passes by the island on the back of her fathers boat. After many secret meetings, the pair are finally found out and Sonai seeks her hand in marriage, by asking the man he previously worked for. Instead, a marriage between his autsistic son and Pori is arranged. Sonai is also found and jailed for the alleged killing. In an attempt to help the newly wedded Pori move on with her life, her in-laws inform her of his imminent hanging. In a fit of depression, Pori drinks a poisonous liquid at the same moment she believes Sonai is being hung. Sonai is not found guilty and comes back for her, only to find a funeral procession in her honour. He sobs, rowing out to the ocean and lets go of his oars; floating wherever the ocean takes him.


  • Sonai Mia was a fisherman.He lived in Monpura island. He had a little house and he always talk with animals and he fell in love with Pori. The happiness was there until their darkness came by. He was a fast swimmer.
  • Pori was a daughter of another Richman. She always wait for Sonai Mia and she had married to Sonai Mia's foe.




Monpura has made a huge hype before its release. Its story is based on a rural scenario. "A heart breaking story"- quoted by popular actor and director Afjal Hossain. Its' very unusual and nice songs also set the background of a heart breaking story. Gias Uddin Selim has chosen the huge rural scenario for making his debut and long dreamed movie. So the story of Monpura is perhaps a story of relations of heart and the story of breaking it. There is a big difference in Gias Uddin Selim's Monpura from other Bangla 'popular' movies. Monpura has been taken from the rural scenario of Bangladesh. The huge rural panorama can be the backdrop of many movies. But this is, unfortunately, not the case. In Monpura, you may find the essence of real Bangladesh.


The Shooting started on June, 2007- the shooting unit had to face some serious problems. It is the rainy season in Bangladesh. And outdoor shooting is just not suitable in this season. But the demand of 'Monpura' was to shoot in pouring rain. So the shooting unit had to face all the trouble during that period. Once the director of Monpura, Gias Uddin Selim said that, the nature has played with us during shooting. But it also has offered us with some great moment for the movie. Monpura's recent hype also suggests that all the hard work behind the movie will be paid off, perhaps.

During the making of a movie you have to make a relation with nature. nature may make you suffer, but it will also provide you with something great
—Gias Uddin Selim


May 22 Monpura completed its 100 days of glory in the box office. Star Cineplex and Bolaka(Bolaka-1 & Bolaka-2) have run this movie for these 100 days consecutively. Considering the fact that, these are the busiest theatres in the capital, one can imagine the nationwide success of this movie. Even after 100 days, the movie is running around 50 theatres across the country.

Even after 7 weeks of success in box office, Monpura is releasing on 15 more theaters on this week. So, even in 8th week, the total number of theaters which are showing Monpura simultaneously is way over 40. Considering the fact that, the most celebrated movies of our film industry release on 20-25 theaters on 1st week, we can call it more than phenomenal what Monpura has achieved in last one and half month.

The movie which has been made on the rural scenario, has found its biggest crowd in the capital, Dhaka. This sharply growing megacity actually sucked the rural people during its growing period. Perhaps, that is a part of the reason why this busy city dwellers have come in numbers to watch the eternal love story of rural Bangladesh.And the movie is now running on 50 theaters from 9th week. So there are some 50 prints which re being shown around the country. Each print costs more than 0.1 million taka. So there were more 5 million taka needed for providing the movie according to the demand.

After a long time, we have seen such an incidence where a main stream commercial film has made people rush towards theatres irrespective of age and class. Simultaneously, it has widened a door for Bangla film industry.


Soundtrack by Arnob
January 13, 2009
Recorded Laser Studios
Genre Film soundtrack
Label Laser Vision
Producer Arnob and Osman Khan

It is a rare case that a Bangla movie comes under spotlight by its music. Though people are reluctant to hear and talk of Hindi movie songs, Monpura perhaps will change this tradition. It was thought that the music from the film was collected from Bangladesh folk music, but, almost all the songs of Monpura is original. There is depth, creative thoughts and trend breaking effort put into this album.

"Sonai Hai Hayre" a song written by Gias Uddin Selim tells a sad story. It tells a story of death of a daughter whose funeral is attended by her father and father in law. Another very nice song is 'Age Jodi Jantam' lyrics and music by Krishnokoli Islam also tells a story of broken heart. It tells that story of leaving house of a girl and then her story of regret.

Another song is "Sonar Moina Pakhi" with lyrics and music by Osman Khan, sung by Arnob, this also expresses the desire to see the loving one at any cost. It expresses it deepest desire by saying that he wants to see his loving one at least once even if it comes before his death.


Track Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Krishnokoli Jao"   Chondona Mazumder 3:12
2. "Nithua Pathare"   Fazlur Rahman Babu 3:51
3. "Shonar Moina"   Arnob 4:33
4. "Shonai Hay Hayre"   Fazlur Rahman Babu 2:54
5. "Agey Jodi"   Momtaj 3:17
6. "Nithua Pathar"   Chanchal Chowdhury and Krishnokoli Jao 3:02
7. "Pakhi Bolo Tare II"   Krishnokoli Jao 3:28
8. "Nithua Pathare III"   Fazlur Rahman Babu 3:08
9. "Monpura Instrumental"   Instrumental 4:43


The rhythmic music helped this movie gain a lot of publicity before release. It was heavily advertised in cable and satellite TV networks.

Home media

The VCD and DVD released all together by promoting. The VCD and DVD is released in December 2009.


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