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Monster Buster Club
Monster Buster Club Logo.PNG
Genre Action, Comedy, Adventures
Format Animated series
Created by Vincent Chalvon-Demersay
David Michel
Developed by Marathon Media Group
Jetix Europe (co-produced)
Mystery Animation
Voices of (English version)
Sonja Ball
Anna Cummer
Ian Corlett
Rick Jones
Matt Hill
Andrea Libman
Tabitha St. Germain
Sam Vincent
Michael Yarmush
Country of origin  France,
Language(s) French
Running time approximate 22 minutes
Original channel Europe Jetix Europe
United Kingdom Jetix UK
Japan Disney Channel
United States Jetix (2008-2009) Disney XD (2009-present)
Canada YTV
Russia Jetix
Picture format 720i (HDTV) and 480i
Original airing June 2, 2008 (Jetix Europe)
May 3, 2008-March 2009 (Disney Channel Asia)
June 9, 2008 ([[Jetix (US)|Jetix]])
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Monster Buster Club is a children's CGI television series by Marathon Production. The show debuted on June 2, 2008 on Jetix in Europe, June 9, 2008 in the United States and in Asia on May 3, 2008. This show is about three twelve-year-olds charged with saving their town from alien invasions helped by an alien girl named Cathy. With her grandfather, they reform a secret organization that was founded centuries ago called the Monster Buster Club, often abbreviated to MBC. The goal of the MBC is to locate alien criminals seeking refuge in Single Town, capture them, and send them to galactic authorities.



The show takes place in a small calm town named Single Town. Single Town is two hundred years old and was founded by a man named Addison Single (who was really an alien disguised as a human). Unbeknown to its human inhabitants, Single Town is actually a meeting place for aliens from different parts of the galaxy.


Main Characters:

Cathy (Cath, Catherine Smith) (Voiced by Andrea Libman) - Cathy appears to be a bubbly, 12-year-old girl in the earth, equivalent to 700 Rhapsodian years, because she's an alien from the planet Rhapsodia. She came to Earth with her grandfather, Mr. Smith, to start the Monster Buster Club. She is constantly surprised at how different Earth is from Rhapsodia. She has many alien abilities, including the ability to stretch, and slight telekinesis. She is the most optimistic of the MBC. Her suit color is pink. In her chosen human form, she has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Her Rhapsodian form is shown to be a humanoid, white alien with scattered pink spots, with four tentacles for arms, and four tentacles for legs, as well as tentacles on her head, (like hair), and a long, furry-looking tail. Compared to humans, Rhapsodians are extremely long-lived which is shown in the first episode of the second season.

Chris(Christopher) (Voiced by Sam Vincent) - Chris is the 12-year-old tech-guy of the group. He has indigo blue hair and dark blue eyes. He is very smart, with a knack for gadgets. He'll often stay back in the clubhouse and supply intelligence reports while the rest of the group is out on a mission. His suit color is blue.

Sam(Samantha) (Voiced by Anna Cummer) - Samantha, known by her friends as Sam, is an African-American girl with an often serious disposition. She has dark hair tied in ponybuns (bunch) and yellow eyes ! While officially the MBC has no leader, she'll often make attack strategies and plans for the group. She, at times can be bossy. While she is a great unofficial leader, she'll often put MBC first instead of having fun. (Shown in the episode "Me Krog, You Rollins" when Danny says "All work and no play makes Sam a dull girl.") Her suit color is yellow.

Danny (Daniel Jackson) (Voiced by Matt Hill) - Danny is a nice guy at heart, and good at sports. He has brown hair, green eyes and a scar over his left eyebrow. He can get a little overconfident at times. He has a crush on his schoolmate, Wendy. He likes cracking jokes, even in dangerous situations. His suit color is red. (he is also called by his nickname "The Danny".) (It is shown in the episode "Laugh Attack" that his anger often gets in the way of his performance.)

Mr. Hugo Smith (Voiced by Ian Corlett) - Mr. Smith is Cathy's aloof grandfather and came with her to Earth. Like Cathy, he is a Rhapsodian alien, but rarely displays any supernatural powers and his alien form has the appearance of a mollusk. He'll sometimes aid the MBC from the clubhouse, but often he won't be involved in their missions at all. Mr. Smith loves working in his garden and playing cards with his plants.

Other Characters:

John- John is Chris' little brother. He sometimes takes over for Chris at the clubhouse when Chris is on a mission or busy as shown in the episode "Acting Out". He really wants to be in the MBC, but he's too young as this is shown in the episode "Monster Beaters" where he joins another monster busting group because the MBC won't let him join.

Wendy (Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain) - Danny's crush who is the snobby girl at the school which the MBC attend and often makes fun of them. She also uses Danny to do things for her, which is seen in "Dog Daze" where she asks him to watch her dog Matise. She is known for gossiping and tries anything to get a good scoop.(This is shown in the episode "Bubbleheads" when she follows Cathy to Mark's house because she think's Cathy's working on another story.)

Mark- Danny's main rival who often challenges him at different activities.(Mark is also the richest kid in town. He likes to brag about it. He uses his money to beat Danny at things shown in "Bubbleheads" when he bought all the gum in Single Town just to get back at him.) Mark has a huge crush on Wendy as well.

Jeremy- Chris' computer club pal who often bothers Cathy because he's in love with Cathy. (Jeremy sometimes gets in the way of the MBC's missions, this is shown in the episode "The Forget Me Stone".) Jeremy is clueless when he sees the MBC in their suits as shown in the episode "Gotta Dance" when he thinks he's on a hidden camera show.

Elton Smith- Cathy's mind-reading cousin. In "The End of Everything Part 2" he was the sub MBC member for Cathy. He is wanted by the pincher bots for his mindreading powers. This is shown in the episode "Mindreader". His suit color is green.

Ralph- One of Mark's friends who Mark often uses to bring him things and uses him to help get back at Danny. Ralph also has a crush on Wendy.

Roy- Mark's other friend who he uses to bring him things (shown in the episode "Bubbleheads") and who he also uses to help get back at Danny (shown in the episode "Snacktime").

Mr. Fusster- The MBC's science teacher who thinks alien's don't exist. This upsets Cathy who knows that aliens exist and often argues with him. This gets her in trouble (shown in the episode "The Trouble with Troublemaking", when Cathy gets angry and pushes all his books off his desk getting her a detention). Recent events, though, show that he may know more about aliens than he lets on, and may even be one.

Principal Rollins- The gang's principal who thinks the students are soldiers and often uses terms like "a company halt" and "abound face". She sometimes get in the way of the MBC's missions this is shown in the episode "Monster Beaters" when she forces every student to join a school club (leaving the MBC little time to investigate). She has shown in various episodes an affection for Mr. Smith. It is also suggested she used to be a spy, and believes Cathy is one too.


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