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Monster Rancher 4
Developer(s) Tecmo
Publisher(s) Tecmo
Series Monster Rancher
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s) August 14, 2003 (Japan)

November 13, 2003 (U.S.)

Genre(s) Life simulation game
Mode(s) Single player, or two players versus
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
Input methods Controller, CD-ROM, DVD

Monster Rancher 4 is a monster breeding and management game that was released by Tecmo for the PlayStation 2 in 2003.



Like the previous installments, this game involves the raising, breeding, and fighting of monsters. Monsters are created via a "Creature Stone" regeneration system. Players must go to a Shrine, where they swap the Monster Rancher 4 disc with a CD, DVD, or another game disc. A monster is then generated from the data contained on that disc. Once a player regenerates a monster, they can raise it on a ranch, and train it to compete in battles. The limit for monsters depend on the size of their ranch but the maximum is 5 monsters.


Some breeds are new to this game. There are 34 main types of monsters, but two different monsters can be combined together to create subspecies, thus making 328 different species available.

Raising Monsters

Players can house up to 5 monsters on their ranch at a time, thus allowing monster-to-monster friendships, tag-team, and group battles. Monsters that have been raised together for a long time will have a high affinity level, which describes how well the monsters get along with each other. Having high affinity is important for effective teamwork in battles.



This game implements the use of training gadgets, which allow the player to customize their monsters' stats. Such gadgets include:

  • Sandbag - a punching bag used for increasing the monster's power.
  • Pitching Machine - a ball-shooting machine used to increase the monster's speed.
  • Slap Machine - a machine that hits the monster with hand-like panels, increasing its stamina.
  • Rodeo - a wooden mechanical bull-like machine that increases the monster's life.
  • Book - a book that the monster reads to gain intelligence.
  • Target - a wooden panel in which the monster throws stones at to increase accuracy.
  • Tub - a wooden tub that hits the monster as it throws it in the air, increasing its durability.

These gadgets and more are some of the many gadgets that the player can acquire as they progress through the game. They come in many different varieties and training levels. The higher level of training they are, the more space they will take up on the ranch, so the player has to choose wisely on which gadgets to use.

Proper Care

In addition to training their monster for battle, the player also has to raise it properly and make sure it has a balanced diet. The player must not be too strict with their monster, or it may become stressed and try to run away. They must also try not to spoil their monster too much, or it may become spoiled and not take its training or battling seriously. To avoid being too strict or too lenient with the monster, scold it and praise it according to how well, or how badly it did on its training, and make sure to feed it a balanced diet of foods, instead of only feeding it what it likes, or only feeding it a certain type of food.


After the monsters reach a certain age, they can not be raised any further, and they cannot participate in any more battles. To avoid having all of the monsters retired at the same time, it is best to raise monsters of different ages.

Monster Battles

After raising training, and feeding their monsters, the player may compete them in competitions. Players compete in competitions to increase their battle rank, and to earn money and fame. Once the player has increased their rank, they may compete in higher-ranked competitions. Winning competitions is important if the player wants to become a highly acclaimed breeder.

Battle System

The monsters fight using skills that they have acquired through training. They can use their skills with Guts, indicated by a meter on the battle screen. If there aren't enough Guts to use a certain skill, then the player has to wait until the Guts meter builds up again as the battle goes on. The battle will last until the life of one of the monsters is depleted, or until time runs out.


One of the features of the battle system is using counter-attacks, which can substantially affect the outcome of battle. To use a counter-attack, hold down the L2 button and press a skill button. The skill button chosen must be the same skill that the opponent uses. If executed properly and with perfect timing, then the monster will successfully counter the opponent's attack, both saving itself from damage, and inflicting damage on its opponent.

Adventure Mode

One of the features of Monster Rancher 4 is exploring different lands for rare items and to discover special monster breeds. The player's team of monsters accompanies them on these journeys, battling stray monsters and the "Boss" monster of each area. These battles can help raise the monsters' experience. At the beginning of the game, the player can only visit a limited number of areas, but as they progress through the game, they will be able to visit more advanced and dangerous areas. Some areas have special rare monster breeds that cannot be found anywhere else, and once the player finds these rare monsters, they will be able to regenerate them and raise them on their ranch. The four different lands you can eventually explore are the togle caves, the kalaragi jungle, the promiass ruins, and the volcano.

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