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Montana Jones
Montana Jones.gif
(Montana Jōnzu)
Genre Adventure, Comedy
TV anime
Director Tetsuo Imazawa
Studio Studio Junio
Network NHK
Original run April 2, 1994April 8, 1995
Episodes 52
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Montana Jones (モンタナ・ジョーンズ Montana Jōnzu?) is a comedy adventure anime television series which was broadcast in Japan on NHK from April 2, 1994 through April 8, 1995. Studio Junio (Japan) and REVER (Italy) created the 52 episode series as a joint production. Montana Jones has a similar atmosphere to Sherlock Hound, a joint of Rever and TMS Entertainment ten years earlier in 1984. The anthropomorphic characters in Montana Jones were big cats instead of the dogs used in Sherlock Hound. It was subsequently broadcast in over 30 other countries.

The series takes place in the 1930s and is about the adventures of Montana Jones, who goes treasure hunting with his cousin Alfred Jones and the beautiful reporter Melissa Sone. They visit real locations and cities like the Pyramids of Giza, the Taj Mahal, Istanbul or Easter Island. Frequently they cross paths with Lord Zero - a rich, eccentric art lover and master thief. All characters in the series are humans with lion or tiger similar heads (Furry-Anime). The anime was obviously inspired by the Indiana Jones movies.



Boston, 1930: Montana Jones and his cousin professor Alfred Jones travel around the world to search lost treasures in order to bring them to museums. Alfred's mentor professor Gerrit helps them by sending LPs with information. On one trip they meet Melissa, a wealthy reporter, who speaks nearly all languages. She accompanies the two on their trips. Their opponent is Lord Zero, a rich, bizarre art lover and master thief. Lord Zero has two henchmen: Slim and Slam. There is also the inventor Dr. Nitro, who invents strange engines, which to help finding treasures.

Main characters

Montana Jones

Montana is always seeking the unknown and isn't afraid to do dangerous things. Together with his cousin Alfred he travels around the world finding treasures for Gerrit, Alfred's professor. The group's plans are often foiled by Lord Zero. Montana works in his aunt's restaurant to finance his airplane Kitty, a Supermarine GS waterplane constantly in need of repair. He lives somewhere on the coast in Boston. It is believed that Montana is infatuated with Melissa Sone.

Alfred Jones

Alfred likes to study old cultures, strange languages, and treasures. On the other hand, he hates danger, travelling, and can't swim, making him an opposite of his cousin Montana. Together, the two make a good team. Alfred loves his mother and eating spaghetti bolognese, which he often prepares for Melissa and Montana.

Melissa Sone

Melissa Sone often helps Montana and Alfred and is the daughter of a diplomat. Melissa is a journalist and enjoys shopping and adventures with the two. In the last episode her father is revealed to be Professor Gerrit, explaining why Melissa was always at the right time and place to help Montana and Alfred.

Lord Zero

Lord Zero is the antagonist of the story, constantly trying to get all the treasure for himself only to be thwarted by Montana and Alfred. Usually his plans are foiled because of a mistake from his minions Slim, Slam or Dr. Nitro. Lord Zero is notable for his walking staffs, which all have strange and diverse functionalities. Zero is constantly in a bad mood, and personally hates the excuse "I'm sorry, it wouldn't have happened if you gave me more time and money."

Slim & Slam

Slim and Slam are the bumbling minions of Lord Zero. The two know searching for the treasures themselves would be more successful but their loyalty is greater than their daring. They often do the difficult work for Lord Zero, and when things go wrong they usually take the blame. Ironically, Slim is the larger of the two.

Dr. Nitro

Doctor Nitro is a minion of Lord Zero and a genius. He is an inventor of machines for Lord Zero that never seem to work the right way, and often gives the excuse "it wouldn't have happened if you gave me more time and money" to defend them. Unfortunately, Lord Zero hates that excuse.

Episodes and Locations

There are 52 episodes.

# Title of episode Location
1. The secret of the goldmedal Mexico
2. The giant squid Caribbean
3. Treasure hunting in Istanbul Turkey
4. The discovery of the jewel bible Czech
5. The silk-carpet of the Taj Mahal India
6. The horrible snowman Tibet
7. The tomb from the Pharaoh Egypt
8. King Arthur's knife England
9. The secret code of the Inkas Peru
10. Criminals in Chinatown
11. Adventuring with the Vikings Denmark (Godland)
12. The treasure in the desert Babylonia
13. The secrets of the dried fountain Spain
14. A secret entrance in the castle
15. The subterranean waterfalls Cambodia
16. Kidnapped to castle Mauleon Israel/France
17. A muddy fight for the future Greece
18. The golden dragon from Hong Kong Hong Kong
19. The hidden flymachine Italy
20. The clock from Iwan the Terrible Russia
21. Chased in the goldmine Zimbabwe
22. The rescuing boomerang Australia
23. Attack of the sharks Monaco
24. The flood's coming!
25. Emergency! Landing on Easter Island Chile (Easter Isle)
26. The sunken goldbell Burma
27. The attack of the bandits in Mongolia Mongolia
28. The haunted house in Scotland Scotland
29. Searching through the labyrinth of King Minos Greece (Crete)
30. The Colombian jungle Colombia
31. Saved by the crocodiles Cambodia
32. The treasure of the caliph
33. The secret pirateship
34. Emergency! Landing on treasure island
35. Adventure in China China
36. Straight through Austria Austria
37. The crown of the tsar Russia
38. Marie Antoinette's Collier Netherlands
39. Lemuria: The hidden land
40. The secret of the Mont St. Michèl France
41. The stone dragon Germany
42. The Artemis Temple Greece
43. Get to the Chaco-Canyon
44. Travel through Transylvania Romania (Transylvania)
45. Locked in Toscana Italy
46. Ormeca
47. Marco Polo's heir Italy (Venice)
48. Desperately lost in the desert Algeria
49. The baker and the knight room Switzerland
50. Keanu, daughter of the chief United States
51. The monk and the samurai Japan
52. Lost in Africa Africa


  • Beside the television series there is also a huge manga-series, see Montana Jones (Manga).
  • The opening and ending theme of the series are from the popular Japanese musical group The Alfee.
  • Marco Pagot and Gi Pagot, the creators of Montana Jones, also worked on the Japanese Anime Sherlock Hound. Therefore the antagonists of both series are very similar.
  • The name Montana Jones is a reference to Indiana Jones. Both characters sharing a passion for adventures and having a U.S. State as their first name.

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