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Monte Pissis
Monte Pissis from the northeast
Elevation 6,793 metres (22,287 ft)
Location La Rioja Province, Argentina
Range Andes
Prominence 2,138 m (7,014 ft)
Coordinates 27°45′16.6588″S 68°47′55.8749″W / 27.754627444°S 68.798854139°W / -27.754627444; -68.798854139Coordinates: 27°45′16.6588″S 68°47′55.8749″W / 27.754627444°S 68.798854139°W / -27.754627444; -68.798854139
Type Stratovolcano
Easiest route hike
Listing Ultra

Monte Pissis is an extinct volcano in La Rioja Province, Argentina. The mountain is the third-highest in the Western Hemisphere, and is located about 550 km north of Aconcagua.

Due to its location in the Atacama Desert, the mountain has very dry conditions with snow only remaining on the peak during winter. The mountain is very high and remote, and the ascent is a long hike.

In 1994 it was claimed by Argentine authorities that an advanced GPS survey had determined that the elevation of Monte Pissis was 6,882 m, and higher than Ojos del Salado, but SRTM data and several modern GPS surveys have proved that this widely reproduced and repeated claim is incorrect.[1][2][3]

In 2005, an Austrian performed a precise DGPS survey of Pissis' summit and found the elevation to be 6793m.[4] This was later confirmed by a Chilean-European expedition, which surveyed both Ojos del Salado and Monte Pissis. It has provisionally found the former to be 6,891 m and the latter 6,793 m.[5]

Monte Pissis is named after Pedro José Amadeo Pissis, a French geologist who worked for the Chilean government.


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