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—  Comarca  —

Country  Spain
Autonomous community  Catalonia
Province Tarragona
Capital Amposta
 - Total 708.7 km2 (273.6 sq mi)
Population (2001)
 - Total 57,550
 - Density 81.2/km2 (210.3/sq mi)
 - Demonym  
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code
Largest municipality Amposta

Montsià is the southernmost comarca (county) of Catalonia in Spain. Its capital and largest city is Amposta.

It was created in 1936 and was named after the Serra del Montsià mountain range (highest point 764 m).


Population data is from 2001.

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Coordinates: 40°42′N 0°34′E / 40.7°N 0.567°E / 40.7; 0.567

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The Montsià it's an administrative region with such a geographical variety worth to say it's a concentrated, very small synthesis of the continent: the coast in the Mediterranean sea, the last length of Ebre river crowned with its Delta, the plain extended to the inland framed by the Mediterranean mountains of Montsià and of Godall at the littoral side, and inland by the mountains of Ports.

This natural geographical variety means also a cultural, social and gastronomical wealth. Walking along the different environments we can discover towns walking down picturesque streets; visits to monuments, museums, interpretation centers and archaeological remains, relaxation, leisure and sporting activities, craftsmanship and a wide variety of flavors with Designation of Origin (D.O.).

Map by Consell Comarcal del Montsià
Map by Consell Comarcal del Montsià
  • Alcanar
  • Amposta
  • La Sénia
  • Sant Carles de la Ràpita
  • Sant Jaume d’Enveja
  • Ulldecona
  • Mas de Barberans
  • Freginals
  • Godall
  • La Galera
  • Santa Bàrbara
  • Masdenverge



The county of Montsià offers a contrast geography. On one hand, it's main touristic active it's around the municipalities of d’Amposta and Sant Jaume d’Enveja where we find the Natural Park of Delta de l'Ebre, the largest wetland of Catalonia, with a surface of 320 km².

The Ebre Delta offers a wide range of possibilities for the tourists: easy rides by bike in the heart of Delta (there are bike lanes), a new touristic active as the birdwatching, the visit to the traditional rafts of the Encanyissada and the Tancada, enjoy infinite beaches without crowding, adventure sports like kitesurf boarding, or calm activities like fishing.

Fauna in Delta de l'Ebre
Fauna in Delta de l'Ebre

But if you really want to enjoy nature purely you must visit the Natural Park of Ports, from Montsià we can enter it through the municipalities of La Sénia and Mas de Barberans. The Ports are a group of rock-solid mountains with a complex relief, between the Mediterranean mountain range and the Iberian mountain range. The human beings have traditionally found in the Ports a source of natural resources to survive and to their interests. Currently they are part of the landscape with subtle historical touches like the masos, the calcium ovens, the snow wells, the coal bunkers, the marges of dry stone and the stone lanes.

Natural From a touristic point of view, the Natural Park of Ports has leisure areas; those areas are, besides a resting and entertainment place, the starting point of family tours as those of la Vall or those of la Fou and for more intrepid hikers: long-distance trekking (GR) traversing the Natural Park of Ports.

The sea and the coast, are also represented in Montsià. The municipalities enjoying these landscapes are: Sant Carles de la Ràpita and Alcanar. Towns with maritime tradition with fishermen fraternities where we can enjoy the typical fish auctions in the very llotja (traditional Gothic style open building). We can have a unique photo moment before 5 pm, observing the fishing boats coming back to the harbor. Besides the sun and beach we find in these locations, we can have activities related to nature and gastronomy, like the mussel and oyster tour or have a boat ride driving ourselves.

Beaches in Cases de Alcanar
Beaches in Cases de Alcanar
  • Airport of Reus (approx. 100 Km.) Tel: 977 779 800
  • Airport of Barcelona (approx. 215 Km.) Tel: 932 983 838
  • Airport of Valencia-Manises (approx. 185 Km.) Tel: 961 598 500
  • Airport of Girona (approx. 290 Km) Tels.: 972 473 681 - 972 186 675
  • RENFE: Barcelona-València, stopping at the stations of Aldea-Amposta-Tortosa and Ulldecona. Tlf. 902240202
  • Transportes HIFE, departures from Barcelona, stopping at several municipalities in Montsià. Tlf. 902119814
  • Highway AP-7, exit 41 (Amposta- Sant Carles de la Ràpita) and exit 42 at 4km of Ulldecona.

To get around the region, through inland roads, with good communication between municipalities.


There are many options if you want to buy typical products from Montsià:

  • Barraca de Riet Vell. Tlf. 616290246
  • Ecobotiga Granja Laya. tlf. 977261015
  • EKOBO. Tienda de alimentación ecológica tlf. 977707576
  • Artesans Apícoles del Montsià Tlf. 977718585
  • Forn de Pa Queral Tlf. 977718057
  • Panaderia "Pa i Pastes" Tlf. 977718986
  • Pesca - tienda pescarapita
  • Cooperativa agrícola catalana i secció de crèdit de Godall Tlf. 977738126
  • Cooperativa agrícola catalana i secció de crèdit la Galera Tlf. 977718309
  • Cooperativa Agrícola D'Ulldecona
  • Cooperativa agrícola de la Sénia ST Montsià Tlf. 977713256

  • Cooperativa Agrícola del Camp de Santa Bàrbara SAT Montsià Tlf. 977718069
  • Cooperativa agrícola i secció de crèdit d'Ulldecona Tlf. 977720007
  • Cooperativa agrícola i secció de crèdit de Freginals Tlf. 977522790
  • Cooperativa agrícola Sant Gregori de Santa Bàrbara Tlf. 977718136
  • Cooperativa agrícola Sant Isidre del Mas de Barberans Tlf. 977739030
  • Cooperativa Exportadora d'Agris d'Alcanar Tlf. 977730000

  • Mercado Municipal de Sant Carles de la Ràpita De Dilluns a Dissabte de 8:00h a 14:00h
  • Mercado Municipal de Alcanar Dijous de 8.00h a 14.00h
  • Mercado Municipal de Amposta Dilluns a Dissabte de 8.00h a 13.30h
  • Mercado Municipal de Mas de Barberans Dilluns, Dimecres i divendres de 8:00 a 21:00h, Dimarts, dijous i Dissabte de 8:00 a 11:00 i de 18:00 a21:00h
  • Mercado Público de Ulldecona Divendres de 8.00h a 15.00h
  • Acomont
  • Arcadi Olesa Tlf. 932634304
  • Benjamí Reverté Tlf. 626401138
  • Cámara arrocera del Montsià y sección de crédito
  • Consejo Regulador DOP Arròs del Delta de l'Ebre Tlf. 977701020
  • Consell Regulador Arròs del Delta de l'Ebre Tlf. 977701020
  • Ebresat 1436- CAT Tlf. 977705211
  • SAT Montfruits Tlf. 977719271
  • Hostal Agustí, Carrer del Pilar, 22-24, 977 740427, [1]. checkin: 13.00; checkout: 12.00.  edit

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