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MOOD. (I) (0. Eng. mod, a word common to Teutonic languages; cf. Ger. Mut; Du. cooed, mind, courage), a particular state of mind or feeling. (2) (Adapted from Lat. modus, measure), a grammatical term for one of the various forms into which the conjugation is grouped, showing whether the verb is used as a predicate, a wish, a command, &c. In syllogistic logic the term is used of the various classes into which the "figures" of valid syllogisms are divided. (See SYLLOGISM.)

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Simple English

A mood is an emotional state of mind. They can be positive or negative. People sometimes say they are in a "good mood", if they are happy, or a "bad mood" if they are sad, or angry. Moods usually last for several hours or days.

Sometimes, people's moods depend on what kind of personality they have. People who are optimistic are often in a good mood. People who are pessimistic are often in a bad mood. People's moods also change when things happen to them. For example, if something bad happens in a person's life, they may be sad or angry as a result.

When people's moods are disturbed for a long time, they may have a mental illness called a mood disorder, like major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder.


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