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Moondreamers is an animated television series that aired in 1986 as part of the My Little Pony 'n Friends lineup. My Little Pony aired the first 15 minutes, and the second half rotated among MoonDreamers, Potato Head Kids, and Glo Friends. All of these cartoons promoted Hasbro toys.


The MoonDreamers are a group of celestial children who help assure that everyone on Earth sleeps well and has nice dreams. Their main enemy is Evil Scowlene, who attempts to keep everyone awake at night with her nightmare crystals.


  • Crystall Starr - The main character, she is supposedly the leader of the MoonDreamers, though it seems they work as a team with equal authority.
  • Whimzee - A MoonDreamer who uses her imagination to create dreams for Dreamcasting. Throughout the series, she encounters many problems doing so. She once accidentally brings her dream, a dreamkin, into reality where it wreaks havoc in Staria despite its adorable appearance. Another time she loses her imagination and needs to go on a journey to find it, engaging in a duel with the supposed queen of imagination and nearly getting killed.
  • Sparky - A brainy MoonDreamer, she is a know-it-all and is often stuck fixing the mistakes of the other MoonDreamers.
  • Blinky and Bitsy - Two little MoonDreamers in training, they are young girls who want to help the MoonDreamers, but often get in the way. They first appeared in episode one.
  • Dreamgazer - The eldest MoonDreamer, she is considerably older than the other members and is the wisest. She has a star tattooed over her left eye and has a very wistful voice. She does not make many appearances.
  • Scowlette - A primary antagonist, Scowlette seems to be about the same age as Whimzee and lives with her mother, Queen Scowlene. She is often trying to destroy the MoonDreamers in order to impress her mother, though it never works out.

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