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Moose (game)1.jpg
Players 3+
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time As long/short as players want
Random chance Easy
Skills required Quarter-bouncing, beer-chugging

Moose is the name of a drinking game that involves players bouncing a quarter off of a table in an attempt to have the quarter land, without another bounce, in an ice cube tray on that table. The game is popular at parties, especially in colleges and universities in the United States.



Standard rules and practices

Originated in California.

The players gather around the table and decide as to which side of the ice cube tray is the "give" side and which side is the "take" side. Usually the right side is the give side and the left side is the take side. In some variations, a cup of whatever alcohol that is being used is placed in the center for the ice cube tray to be placed against and rotate around. After this is decided and set up, players take turns trying to bounce the quarter into the ice cube tray.

When the quarter lands in the ice cube tray and it lands on the "give" side, then the player who bounced the quarter into the tray can distribute as many sips to any combination of other players as there are squares that were passed over by the quarter. When the quarter lands in the ice cube tray and it lands on the "take" side, then the player who bounced the quarter into the tray has to take as many sips as there are squares that were passed over by the quarter.

If the quarter lands in the furthest row (or last two squares on either the "give" or "take" side) every player has to put their hands to their heads, mimicking a moose's antlers, and yell "MOOSE." The last person to do so has to drink the cup in the center (also known as moose cup). (Other variations include the person has to fill their drink and then empty it). However, if a player yells "Moose!" prematurely when no one has made it in the cup, he or she must drink the cup in the center. If the quarter lands in the cup in the center on a players turn he or she must drink the cup and lose a turn.

If the quarter lands on the ice cube tray but does not fall into a square, this is a social and everyone must take a drink. If the quarter ends up in any person's drink, the player that bounced the quarter has to finish that person's drink.

Sometimes, if there is a tie when players yell "MOOSE!", then players put their thumb onto the table. The last one to do so, drinks the center cup or moose cup.


The game has many variations; here are three.


Alligator is a variation of Moose that involves the same rules, but a player must first spin another quarter, and then bounce the main quarter into the tray before the second one stops spinning. Additionally, if the player makes the first quarter into the last row, he then grabs the still spinning quarter and attempts an "alligator" by bouncing it into the last row as well. If the second quarter goes in, all other players must finish their drinks.

Reverse play

The main goal in this variation is to make it into the moose cup. The take/give rule still applies if the coin is made into the ice tray. Or if it is made into the moose cup, the cup is passed out to the thrower's choice. If everything is missed, one extra throw is allowed. If everything is missed again, the thrower drinks the moose cup.

Moving objects

In another variation, the moose cup is placed away from the person bouncing to prop the end of the ice tray up. After three misses, the cup is rotated so it is closes to the person and the tray is now going away from the person. If he/she misses three more times or makes it into the moose cup, the player drinks it.




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