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Mora may refer to:




  • F. Luis Mora (1874-1940), Hispanic American artist and illustrator
  • Ferenc Móra (1879-1934), Hungarian writer
  • Georges Mora (1913-1992), German-born Australian entrepreneur, art dealer, patron, connoisseur and restaurateur
  • Jim E. Mora, former Head Coach of the NFL's New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts, and the USFL's Philadelphia/Baltimore Stars
  • Jim L. Mora, son of the above, former Head Coach of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks
  • Jim Mora (broadcaster), a New Zealand television and radio presenter
  • Jo Mora (1876-1947), American artist from Uruguay
  • Melvin Mora (b. 1972), Venezuelan professional baseball player
  • Mirka Mora (b. 1928), French-born Australian visual artist
  • Mora (footballer) (b. 1981), Spanish footballer, full name José Francisco Mora Altava, also known as Pepe Mora
  • Naima Mora, Americas Next Top Model Cycle 4 winner
  • Néstor Mora (1963-1995), Colombian cyclist
  • Philippe Mora (b. 1949), French-born Australian film director
  • Sergio Mora, American boxer and The Contender 1 winner
  • Tiriel Mora (b. 1958), Australian television and film actor
  • Víctor Mora (b. 1931), pseudonym of Eugenio Roca, a Spanish writer of comic books
  • Víctor Mora (athlete) (b. 1944), Colombian long-distance runner


  • Common mora, a genus of fishes in the family Moridae
  • MORA (aviation), minimum off route altitude
  • Mora clock, a type of 19th-century Swedish longcase clock
  • Mora (drink) in Costa Rica, a drink consisting of blackberry juice, water and sugar
  • Mora IK, Mora Ishockeyklubb, a Swedish professional ice hockey club
  • Mora knife, a type of Swedish knife
  • Mora (linguistics), a unit of sound used in phonology
  • Mora (military unit), a unit of about 600 in the Spartan Army during Classical antiquity
  • Mora (music store), a music download store by Sony that sells music in a proprietary copy-restricted format
  • Mora (mythology), in Polish mythology
  • Mora (plant), a genus of plants in the pea family Fabaceae
  • Mora (ship), the name of the flagship of William I of England (William the Conqueror)
  • Stones of Mora, the place where Swedish kings were elected
  • Mora, a villain from Power Rangers: S.P.D.

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Morra can mean:


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There is more than one place called Mora:


  • Mora (Spain) - A town in Toledo (province)


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  1. a taxonomic genus of trees, within tribe Caesalpinieae.
  2. a taxonomic genus of fish.
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Mora n.

  1. A town in the province and county of Dalarna.

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  • moraklocka
  • morakniv


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Mora may mean:


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