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Morning Departure is a 1950 British naval film directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring John Mills, Nigel Patrick, Peter Hammond, George Cole, Bernard Lee and Richard Attenborough.[1]

The story is set after the end of the Second World War and concerns a British submarine, Trojan, which is out on a routine patrol when it encounters a derelict floating mine left over from the war. Unfortunately, it is a magnetic mine, and the submarine does not need to hit it before it becomes a danger. The sub eventually sets off the mine and it blows the stern of the sub completely off. The sub settles to the bottom leaving twelve crew members amidships, they having been saved by the watertight doors which are normally closed when a sub dives. When the shore base becomes aware that Trojan is overdue, surface rescue vessels are sent out to investigate. The captain of the sub sensibly provides an indication of their position to these vessels by expelling a quantity of oil which rises to the surface. Following standard escape procedure, a diver is sent down with an air line while everyone prepares for the rescue. Four crew members escape with breathing apparatus through the hatch in the conning tower. Four more than escape through another hatch, leaving only four crew members, including the captain and the first officer, who cannot escape by the same means because it is discovered that the last remaining breathing sets have been smashed by the impact with the mine. They will have to await salvage of the sub, which begins immediately, but is interrupted when the sub moves on the sea bottom during rough weather at sea, putting it beyond help and dooming the last four men to death.


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