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Project: Cert IV Websites Qualification in Australia
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Congratulations, you've passed this FTP Challenge!

By installing an ftp client, logging into an ftp server, downloading a file and unzipping it, you've shown mastery of the following performance criteria for the unit ICAS4201A Transfer content to a website using commercial packages:

1. Configure the file transfer protocol client
  1. Enter client host name/ID into the correct profile field
  2. Test and verify configuration by connecting to the web hosting server
3. Establish connection to server
  1. Log on to remote server using anonymous accounts
  2. Initiate file transfer protocol client program and locate destination directory
4. Transfer data to remote server
  1. Store and order files according requirements and file extensions
  2. Conduct appropriate steps for downloaded files such as translation, decompression or de-archival of the files for use
  3. Confirm data transfer and content functionality and close connection

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  1. An English and Scottish surname derived from the Norman given name Maurice.
  2. An Irish surname, anglicised from Ó Muirghis.
  3. A Welsh surname, anglicised from Meurig .
  4. A male given name, transferred from the surnames, or a spelling variant of Maurice.


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19.II.1810-7.I.1886 (Morris)

English paleobotanist.

Simple English

Maurice de Bevere (December 1, 1923 - July 16, 2001), better known as Morris, was a Belgian cartoonist and the creator of Lucky Luke.



He was born in Kortrijk, Belgium and started drawing in the Compagnie Belge d'Actualités (CBA) animations studios, a small and short-lived animation studio in Belgium where he met Peyo and André Franquin.[1] After a war, the company went bankrupt and Morris worked as an illustrator for Het Laatste Nieuws, a Flemish newspaper, and Le Moustique, a weekly magazine published by Dupuis, for which he made some 250 covers and numerous other illustrations, mainly caricatures of movie stars.[1]

He died in 2001 by an accidental fall.


  • 1972: Grand Prix Saint-Michel, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1992: Angoulême International Comics Festival, 20th anniversary Grand Prix de la ville d'Angoulême


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