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Morse's Greatest Mystery and Other Stories is a book by Colin Dexter. First published in 1993, it a collection of eleven short stories six of which feature Inspector Morse. The collection was also published under the title As Good as Gold in 1994 as a special paperback edition, commissioned by Kodak.


  1. "As Good as Gold"
  2. "Morse's Greatest Mystery"
  3. "Evans Tries an O-Level" [Winter’s Crimes 9, ed. George Hardinge, London: Macmillan 1977]
  4. "Dead as a Dodo" [Million #1 1991]
  5. "At The Lulu-Bar Motel" [Winter’s Crimes 13, ed. George Hardinge, London: Macmillan 1981]
  6. "Neighbourhood Watch" [limited edition paperback, Richmond, England: Hartley Moorhouse 1993]
  7. "A Case of Mis-Identity" [Winter’s Crimes 21, ed. Hilary Hale, London: Macmillan 1989]
  8. "The Inside Story" [special edition paperback original, New York & London: Macmillan 1993]
  9. "Monty's Revolver" [Winter’s Crimes 24, ed. Maria Rejt, London: Macmillan 1992]
  10. "The Carpet-Bagger"
  11. "Last Call"

Publication history

  • 1993 London: Macmillan ISBN 0333596900, Pub date 5 November 1993, Hardcover; without "As Good as Gold"
  • 1994 London: Pan Books ISBN 0330334751, Pub date 4 March 1994, Paperback; without "As Good as Gold"
  • 1994 London: Macmillan ISBN 0333627733, Pub date 2 December 1994, Paperback
  • 1994 London: Pan, Pub date 1994, Paperback, 282p.; as As Good as Gold, special edition, commissioned by Kodak
  • 1995 London: Pan Books ISBN 0330340255, Pub date 7 April 1995, Paperback
  • 1995 New York : Crown Publishers ISBN 0517799928, Pub date 14 November 1995, Hardcover; First US edition
  • 1996 New York: Fawcett ISBN 0804113092, Pub date 2 November 1996, Paperback
  • 1998 London: Pan Books ISBN 033037642X, Pub date 1998, Paperback; Promotional edition omitting the stories featuring Inspector Morse (apart from the title story)


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