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Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1
MO-120-RT-61 mortar
Type heavy mortar
Place of origin France
Service history
In service French Army
Used by French Army, Germany,Cyprus, Italian Army, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey, USA, GSDF
Wars Gulf War
Weight 582kg (1,283 lbs)
Barrel length 280cm (9.18 ft)
Crew 4 gunners, 2 vehicle crew

Shell Standard 120mm NATO mortar round
Calibre 120mm (4.72 in)
Elevation 30-85°
Traverse +/-14° from centreline.
Rate of fire 6 to 10 rounds per minute
Effective range 8,000m (8,749 yds) with standard projectile
13,000m (14,217 yds) with rocket projectile

The Mortier 120mm Rayé Tracté Modèle F1 (MO-120-RT-61, "120mm rifled towed mortar, model F1") is a heavy mortar used by the French Army.

The MO-120-RT-61 was designed by Thomson-Brandt. It is currently used by the French Army, and produced under licence by Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil and Turkey. It exists in smooth-bore version for the mountain artillery. The MO-120-RT-61 is issued to artillery units, where it augments the 155mm towed artillery. It is towed by the Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé or the AMX-10P.

The MO-120-RT-61 uses standard NATO 120mm mortar ammunition. They can be fired either directly when dropping the bomb in the muzzle, or by a trigger system.

This weapon is normally towed by the VTM 120 (Véhicule de Tracte Mortier 120), wheeled armored vehicle that is a derivative of the VAB (Vehicule de L'avant Blinde) series of Armored Personnel Carrier. Towing is accomplished by a towing hitch that is screwed onto the muzzle of the weapon. The VTM 120 carries 70, 120mm mortar rounds and also offers basic ballistic protection from small arms fire and shrapnel for the mortar's crew. The Mortier 120 can also be towed by the AMX 10 TM (Tracteur de Mortier) which is a version of the AMX 10 P tracked APC.

Currently, there are six 120mm mortars assigned to each French Regiment Etranger d'Infanterie. This same number of 120mm mortars is also assigned to each Regiment d'Infanterie Marine as well as to each Regiment d'Artillerie Parachutiste.

Normally not deployed during peacetime, all of the infantry's 120mm mortars will eventually be transferred to artillery regiments where they will augment the 155mm towed artillery. This will allow both the towed 155 TR-G2 artillery guns of 155mm caliber and the 120mm mortars to be deployed simultaneously.

This weapon can be fired either by dropping the round down the tube (after aligning of the rifling bands) resulting in an automatic firing once the bomb hits the tube base, or by a controlled firing by dropping the bomb down the tube and pulling on a lanyard that will in turn set off the triggering mechanism in the base of the tube. Standard North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 120mm mortar munitions are used.

Manufacturers other than Thomson-Brandt as mentioned above include Thomson-CSF/Daimler Benz Aerospace (France/Germany(?)), Hotchkiss Brandt (Netherlands) as the "HB Rayé" and under license by MKEK in Turkey.


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