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Logo of the Mosconi Cup

The Mosconi Cup is an annual nine-ball pool tournament contested between teams representing Europe and the USA since 1994. The trophy is named after American player Willie Mosconi, and is modeled on and compared to the Ryder Cup in golf.[1]

The defending champion is Team USA.


Famous players

The tournament has featured some of the most famous players in the sport, including Earl Strickland, Johnny Archer, Jimmy White, Alex Higgins, Ronnie O'Sullivan, Ralf Souquet, and Steve Davis.

In its earliest days, the Mosconi Cup was created by Sky Sports and Matchroom Sport as an exhibition event to increase public awareness of pool in the UK. As a result, players on both teams were generally picked for their ability to entertain the crowd. This is why early European teams featured a high percentage of famous snooker players, in order to draw snooker fans to the event.

In the first year of competition some of the WPBA's top players played alongside the men in their respective teams. These included Franziska Stark (Germany), Allison Fisher (England), Jeanette Lee (US) and Vivian Villarreal (US).

As time progressed, the event evolved from its exhibition nature into a much more serious and professional tournament, and earning a place in the event has acquired a great deal of prestige. Of the snooker players, only Steve Davis remained into the event's more serious era, bowing out when the event began to clash with snooker's UK Championship (for which he appeared as both a player and a BBC commentator).

After Davis's withdrawal, all players had to earn an invitation through their performances at other events, meaning that no more snooker players appeared until 2007, when Tony Drago earned a place by virtue of his performance on the European pool tour, and won the tournament's Most Valuable Player award for his unbeaten run in the singles matches.


Player appearances

The players to have appeared in the Mosconi Cup:[2]

European players

Appearance Name Country
13 0 Ralf Souquet  Germany
13 0 Mika Immonen  Finland
11 0 Steve Davis  England
8 1 Oliver Ortmann  Germany
6 0 Marcus Chamat  Sweden
6 0 Niels Feijen  the Netherlands
4 0 Steve Knight  England
3 0 Thomas Engert  Germany
3 0 Nick van den Berg  the Netherlands
3 0 Thorsten Hohmann  Germany
2 2 Alex Lely  the Netherlands
2 0 Tony Drago  Malta
2 0 Ronnie O'Sullivan  England
2 0 Daryl Peach  England
2 0 Tom Storm  Sweden
2 0 Jimmy White  England
1 0 David Alcaide  Spain
1 0 Tommy Donlon  Ireland
1 0 Vincent Facquet  France
1 0 Allison Fisher  England
1 0 Mark Gray  England
1 0 Alex Higgins  Northern Ireland
1 0 Raj Hundal  England
1 0 Lee Kendall  England
1 0 Imran Majid  England
1 0 Fabio Petroni  Italy
1 0 Andy Richardson  England
1 0 Franziska Stark  Germany
1 0 Konstantin Stepanov  Russia
1 0 Lee Tucker  England
1 0 Darren Appleton  England
0 2 Johan Ruijsink  the Netherlands

American players

Appearance Name Country
13 0 Earl Strickland  United States
13 0 Johnny Archer  United States
7 0 Jeremy Jones  United States
6 0 Rodney Morris  United States
6 0 Corey Deuel  United States
5 0 Charles Williams  United States
3 3 Nick Varner  United States
3 1 Kim Davenport  United States
3 0 James Rempe  United States
3 0 Shane Van Boening  United States
2 0 Lou Butera  United States
2 0 Michael Coltrain  United States
2 0 Shannon Daulton  United States
2 0 Mike Gulyassy  United States
2 0 Robert Hunter  United States
2 0 Mike Massey  United States
2 0 Reed Pierce  United States
2 0 Tony Robles  United States
2 0 Dallas West  United States
2 0 Mark Wilson  United States
1 0 Mike Davis  United States
1 0 John DiToro  United States
1 0 Paul Gerni  United States
1 0 Roger Griffis  United States
1 0 Danny Harriman  United States
1 0 Allen Hopkins  United States
1 0 Jeanette Lee  United States
1 0 Shawn Putnam  United States
1 0 John Schmidt  United States
1 0 Vivian Villarreal  United States
1 0 C.J. Wiley  United States
1 0 Óscar Domínguez  United States
1 0 Dennis Hatch  United States
1 0 Bobby Hunter  United States
1 0 Gabe Owen  United States
P Playing team member
NP Non-playing captain

European representation

The total number of nations who have represented Europe is twelve (in order of total representatives, alphabetically in the case of ties):

Number of players by country
13:   England 5:   Germany 4:   Netherlands 2:   Sweden
1:   Finland 1:   France 1:   Italy 1:   Malta
1:   Northern Ireland 1:   Republic of Ireland 1:   Russia 1:   Spain

Television coverage

In the UK, Sky Sports shows this event every year, and until the 2005 tournament had the only live coverage of the competition with a total of 22 hours of coverage across Sky Sports 1, 2 & 3.

Tournament modifications

There have been rule changes and format changes throughout the tournament's brief history. These include, but are not limited to: "Non-playing captain" roles were introduced in the 2003 event; however these were removed in the 2004 tournament. In 2004 the doubles matches were re-formatted to be scotch doubles. In 2005, a 30-second shot clock was introduced, and caused controversy due to timing malfunctions. The 2006 tournament started with a single team-versus-team match followed by two trebles matches. That year also saw the reintroduction of the non-playing captain role.

The upcoming 2009 tournament will include several new features:[3]

  • No pairing in the doubles matches can be repeated.
  • The event includes four blocks of consecutive matches, organized so that five slots are available for each side, in which every player is required to play exactly once.
  • In two singles matches, each player will be selected by the opposing team captain.

Results table

Year Venue Victors Score Losers
1994 Romford, London, UK United States USA 16 12 Europe Europe
1995 Basildon, Essex, UK Europe Europe 16 15 United States USA
1996 Dagenham, London, UK United States USA 15 13 Europe Europe
1997 Bethnal Green, London, UK United States USA 13 8 Europe Europe
1998 Bethnal Green, London, UK United States USA 13 9 Europe Europe
1999 Bethnal Green, London, UK United States USA 12 7 Europe Europe
2000 Bethnal Green, London, UK United States USA 12 9 Europe Europe
2001 Bethnal Green, London, UK United States USA 12 1 Europe Europe
2002 Bethnal Green, London, UK Europe Europe 12 9 United States USA
2003 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA United States USA 11 9 Europe Europe
2004 Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands United States USA 12 9 Europe Europe
2005 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA United States USA 11 6 Europe Europe
2006 Rotterdam, Netherlands Tied 12 12 Tied
2007 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Europe Europe 11 8 United States USA
2008 St Julians, Malta Europe Europe 11 5 United States USA
2009 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA United States USA 11 7 Europe Europe

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