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Mostar Sevdah Reunion is a musical ensemble from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina playing almost exclusively sevdalinka and gypsy music. The band is composed of experienced musicians and often collaborates with renowned musicians in the field of gypsy music: they made two albums with Šaban Bajramović and two albums with Ljiljana Buttler. Ljiljana often tours with the band too.

The band was formed by Dragi Šestić in Mostar in 1998. The band started out as a group of local, talented and experienced musicians -old friends, who made a reunion in summer 1999 for the recording of the first album. Their first CD was released 1999. Since then they became a real world music attraction performing on various world music festivals and receiving a number of music awards.

The band consists of: Mišo Petrović (guitar),Sandi Duraković (guitar), Nermin Alukic Cerkez (vocal and guitar) , Elmedin Balalic Titi (vocal and accordion), Marko Jakovljevic (bass), Gabrijel Prusina (piano) i Senad Trnovac (drums).



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  • "Davorin" Bosnian Music Awards: Special Award 2002
  • "Davorin" Bosnian Music Awards: The Best Ethno Album Of The Year 2003 (for "The Mother of Gypsy Soul: Ljiljana Buttler")
  • "Davorin" Bosnian Music Awards: The Best Album Of The Year 2004


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