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Zinc statue of Mother Swea by Rolf Adlersparre, 1892-1894. On 40-42, Stora Nygatan in Gamla stan (Stockholm).

Mother Svea, or Moder Svea, is a national emblem of Sweden. Normally depicted as a powerful shieldmaiden with one or two lions, her name, Svea, is a Swedish female name which derives from svea an old plural genitive form meaning "of the Swedes" as in Svea rike meaning "kingdom of the Swedes", an older form of Sverige, the Swedish name for Sweden.

The character is considered to have been created by Anders Leijonstedt in 1672, but only gained widespread popularity through Gunno Dalstierna in 1698. She appeared frequently as a national symbol in 19th century Swedish literature and propaganda.

She appeared on various Swedish banknotes for over seventy years (1890-1962).

Famous Swedish singer Lena Philipsson wrote a song about her in the 80's, called Moder Swea.

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