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Film's teaser poster
Directed by Toni Pykäläniemi
Written by Toni Pykäläniemi
Release date(s) end of 2010
Running time approx. 90 min.
Country Finland
Language English
Budget approx 1,8M €

Mothgirl is a 2010 thriller film with horror influencies, written and directed by Toni Pykäläniemi.

  • Tagline: Shadows are born in the light.



32-years old Laura who, without any recollection what has happened prior, finds herself injured and bloody in a murky alley. Laura is dressed in nurse's uniform, but doesn't remember anything about the place she works or lives at. A top of her bewilderment Laura has a feeling she's fleeing for something. Somebody is after her. Laura escapes to the only place she remembers, her childhood home in the small village by the sea. Through a series of flashbacks Laura starts to unravel her past to recreate the present. During this Laura descends deep into the dark corridors of the human mind, only to reveal a morbid truth in her past.




The films has been in development for some time now. Several version of the script has been written. Writer/director Toni Pykäläniemi commented previously that the script is going through some major changes which don't affect the start date.


The project is in development.


No official announcements have been made.


  • Screenplay: Toni Pykäläniemi
  • Director: Toni Pykäläniemi
  • Composer: Tuomas Kantelinen
  • Producer: Toni Pykäläniemi, Markus Kosonen
  • Production Company: Niche Films

Production info

  • Principal photography: spring 2010
  • Release: end of 2010
  • Production budget: approx. 1.8M €

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