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Type Limited company with board of directors.
Founded 1853
Headquarters Aubervilliers, France
Area served Worldwide
Industry Oil refining, Lubrication, Chemistry
Products Engine oils
Synthetic oils
Hydraulic oils
Maintenance products
Industrial lubricants

Motul is a French company present all over the world and specialized in the conception, development and distribution of lubricants for engines (motorcycles, cars and other vehicles) and for the industry through its Motul Tech activity.



Founded in 1853 in New York as a subsidiary of John D. Rockefeller's New Jersey's Standard Oil, the Swan & Finch company started its activity in the sector of high quality lubricants. As from 1920, it turns to the international markets by exporting some of its portfolio brands like Aerul, Textul, Motul.

In 1932, Ernst Zaugg negociated the distribution in France of products of the Motul brand with Swan & Finch via his company Supra Penn [1]. It's interesting to note that Motul already proposed a range of products dedicated to motorcycles during the interwar period.

In 1953, the Swan & Finch centenary is celebrated with the worldwide launch of Motul Century, which becomes the first multigrade oil on the european market. However, Swan & Finch suspends its activities in 1957. Supra Penn who bought back all title deeds and patents pertaining to the Motul brand, is renamed after the product it commercializes and becomes Motul S.A. In 1966, Century 2100 appears on the market. It's the first semi-synthetic car lubricant, a product that delighted racing engineers as it withstands constraints and mechanical loads ten-times higher than usual lubricants. In 1971, Motul innovates again with Century 300V, the first 100% synthetic car oil. Motul strengthens its international presence in the 1980's : Germany with Motul Deutschland in 1980, Spain in 1988, the USA in 1989, Italy in 1994, Asia-Pacific in 2002, Russia and Brazil in 2005, India in 2006. Moreover, Motul creates a new activity in 2001 : Motul Tech, specialized in industrial lubricants.

Today Motul is present in more than 80 countries and designs, elaborates and distributes lubricants with higher technical value added. As a pioneer in many synthetic and semi-synthetic products, Motul has always favored innovation, research and development. The company is also leader of the motorycle lubricants market in France. In the motorsports field, many manufacturers trust Motul for its technological developments in car/bike racing. Motul has thus developed close relationships with manufacturers such as Nissan, Yamaha, Subaru, Peugeot, Honda and Suzuki.

Trades & Products

Motul was the first lubricant manufacturer to use the ester technology for the formulation of its 100% synthetic car oils by capitalizing on an innovation first invented for the aviation industry. The vegetable-based esters benefit from lubricating properties, anti-shear quality and exceptional resistance to high temperatures. 300V, Motul's flagship range experienced great development thanks to its presence on the most prestigious car/bike races. Motul's research and development capacity is divided in two entities working respectively on "Automotive" (automobile, two-wheels, boat) and "Industrial" lubricants.


Car lubricants

Motorcycle lubricants

Other products

Industrial lubricants

  • Soluble oils
  • Neat oils
  • Forming products
  • Tempering oils
  • Tempering polymers
  • Special products
  • Degreasers
  • Machinery lubrication

These products are used in many areas : steel industry, mechanical engineering, machinery and equipment manufacturing, cement industry, food industry, pharmacy and cosmetics, wood, glass and minerals, chemistry, plastics and rubber processing, watchmaking, textile industry, auto and car parts manufacturers, rail transport, aeronautics.

Sports Competition


As a specialist in synthetic oils, Motul has become the partner of many manufacturers and sports teams for its technological developments in mechanical sports, car and motorcycle racing. Motul is present in many international competitions as official team supplier : MotoGP, Road racing , Trial, Enduro, Endurance, Superbike, Supercross, Rallycross, World Rally Championship, FIA GT, Le Mans 24 Hours, Spa 24 Hours, Le Mans Series, Rallye Raid, Paris-Dakar, F3, etc. In 1977, Motul wins its first Motorcycle World Champion title, in Road Racing category, with Takazumi Katayama on Yamaha 350.

List of Honours


Championship / Race Year Pilot Team
Road racing 350 cm³ 1977  Japan Takazumi Katayama Yamaha
Road racing 250 cm³ 1984  France Christian Sarron Yamaha
Road racing 250 cm³ 1990  United States John Kocinski Yamaha
Road racing 500 cm³ 1990  United States Wayne Rainey Yamaha
Road racing 500 cm³ 1993  United States Kevin Schwantz Suzuki
Road racing 500 cm³ 2000  United States Kenny Roberts Jr Suzuki
Road racing MotoGP 2004  Italy Valentino Rossi Yamaha
Road racing MotoGP 2005  Italy Valentino Rossi Yamaha
Enduro World Championship 1988  France Gilles Lalay Honda
Enduro World Championship 1999  France Guillaume Porte Gas Gas
Motocross World Championship 250 cm³ 1986  France Jacky Vimond Yamaha
Motocross World Championship 250 cm³ 1989  France Jean-Michel Bayle Honda
Motocross World Championship 250 cm³ 1993  South Africa Greg Albertyn Honda
Motocross World Championship 500 cm³ 1998  Italy Andrea Bartolini Yamaha
Motocross World Championship 250 cm³ 2001  France Mickaël Pichon Suzuki
Motocross World Championship 250 cm³ 2002  France Mickaël Pichon Suzuki
Motocross World Championship MX2 2006  France Christophe Pourcel Kawasaki
Motocross World Championship MX1 2007  Belgium Steve Ramon Suzuki
Endurance World Championship 1990  Portugal Alex Vieira Honda
Endurance World Championship 1994  France Jean-Michel Mattioli  Belgium Stéphane Mertens Honda
Endurance World Championship 2007  France M. Lagrive  France J. Da Costa  France V. Philippe Suzuki GSX-R 1000
Endurance World Championship 2008  France V. Philippe  France M. Lagrive  France J. Da Costa Suzuki GSX-R 1000
Superbike World Championship 1993  United States Scott Russell Kawasaki
Superbike World Championship 2005  Australia Troy Corser Suzuki
Paris-Dakar Rally 1989  France Gilles Lalay Honda
Le Mans 24 Hours 1988  Portugal A. Vieira  France J.M. Mattioli  France C. Bouheben Honda
Le Mans 24 Hours 1988  Portugal A. Vieira  France J.M. Mattioli  United Kingdom R. Burnett Honda
Le Mans 24 Hours 1989  Portugal A. Vieira  France J.M. Mattioli  United Kingdom R. Burnett Honda
Le Mans 24 Hours 1990  Portugal A. Vieira  France J.M. Mattioli  Belgium S. Mertens Honda
Le Mans 24 Hours 1991  France C. Guyot  France N. Dussauge  France S. Scarnato Suzuki
Le Mans 24 Hours 2006  France F. Protat  France O. Four  Spain D. Ribalta Honda
Le Mans 24 Hours 2007  France W. Costes  France G. Dietrich  Germany M. Neukirchner Suzuki
Le Mans 24 Hours 2008  France W. Costes  France G. Dietrich  Netherlands B. Veneman Suzuki


Championship / Race Year Team Car
World Rally Champions 2001  United Kingdom Richard Burns  United Kingdom Robert Reid Subaru Impreza
World Rally Champions 2003  Norway Petter Solberg  United Kingdom Phil Mills Subaru Impreza
FIA-GT World Champions 2004  Italy Matteo Bobbi  Italy Thomas Biagi Ferrari 550
FIA-GT World Champions 2005  Switzerland G. Gardel Larbre Compétition Ferrari 550 - GT1 driver
Le Mans 24 Hours 1996  France Martinolle  Germany Kelleners  Switzerland Eichmann Porsche - GT2 class
Le Mans 24 Hours 2003  Netherlands Kox  Czech Republic Enge  United Kingdom Davies Ferrari 550 - LM GTS class
Le Mans 24 Hours 2007  Australia Brabham  Netherlands Kox  Sweden Rydell Aston Martin DBR9 - LM GT1 class
Le Mans 24 Hours 2007  France Narac  Austria Lietz  United States Long Porsche 911 GT3RS - LM GT2 class
Le Mans Endurance Series LMP1 2005  France Pescarolo Sport Pesca C60 Judd
Le Mans Endurance Series LMGT1 2005  Italy BMS Scuderia Italia Ferrari 550 Maranello
Le Mans Endurance Series LMP1 2006  France Pescarolo Sport Pesca C60 Judd
Le Mans Endurance Series LMGT1 2006  France Larbre Compétition Aston Martin DBR9
Le Mans Endurance Series LMGT1 2007  France Team Orecat Saleen S7R

Standards and Certifications

  • EAQF class B in 1992, EAQF class A since 1994, ISO 9001 since 1996
  • QS9000 developed by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler
  • ISO/TS 16949 developed by the IATF (International Automotive Task Force)
  • NMMA (water sports)[2]

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