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Movie Network Channels
Movie Network Australia.jpg
Launched Movie One, Movie Greats September 20, 1995[1]
Movie Extra September 7, 1997[2]
Movie Two 2004
Movie Action, Movie Comedy, Movie Drama October 1, 2009
Family Movie Channel, Movie One HD, Starpics November 15, 2009
Owned by Movie Network Channels Pty Ltd (Warner Bros., Disney, MGM & Village Roadshow)
Picture format 16:9 576i (SDTV)[3]
Audience share 2.8% (February 2008, [4])
Country Australia Australia
Timeshift service Movie Two, Starpics 2
Foxtel & Austar Digital Movie One HD 224
Starpics 1 HD 225
Starpics 2 HD 226
Movie One: 411
Movie Two: 412
Movie Extra: 413
Movie Greats: 415
SelecTV Movie One: 111
Movie Two: 112
Movie Extra: 113
Movie Greats: 114
Foxtel & Austar Digital Movie One HD 224
Starpics 1 HD 225
Starpics 2 HD
Optus, Foxtel & Austar Digital Movie One: 411
Movie Two: 412
Movie Extra: 413
Movie Greats: 415
Neighbourhood Cable Movie One: 33
Movie Extra: 34
Movie Greats: 35
TransACT Movie One: 411
Movie Two: 412
Movie Extra: 413
Movie Greats: 415
Internet television
Foxtel Download Movie Action
Movie Comedy
Movie Drama

Movie Network is an Australian premium television movie service that consists of five original channels (Movie One, Movie Extra, Movie Greats, Family Movie Channel, Starpics 1), two SD timeshifts (Movie Two, Starpics 2) and three HD simulcasts (Movie One HD, Starpics 1 HD, Starpics 2 HD). Its main competitor is Showtime. The channels were originally only available through Optus TV, who produced the channels prior to January 1, 2000. [1] Through content sharing agreements, Movie Network became available through Austar in 1999 and Foxtel in 2002. Movie Network is also available on Neighbourhood Cable, SelecTV and TransACT. [5] The channels are owned, operated and programmed by Warner Bros. (Time Warner), Disney, MGM and Village Roadshow. In addition to films from these studios, the network also has access to films from DreamWorks and Australian distributor Hopscotch Films.

On November 15 2009, the network expanded with three additional (including 1 timeshift) channels and 3 HD simulcasts (including 1 timeshift).[6] In addition, a new website was launched and a unified slogan for the overall network - "All Together Better!".

From 2009, Movie Extra will be the naming rights sponsor for the Tropfest short film festival[7].



Movies are typically shown for a year, and may appear on any of the networks channels during it's run.


Movie One

Movie One is the network's premiere channel for blockbusters from studios such as Warner Bros.,Disney, ABC International Television, MGM, Village Roadshow and Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks SKG plus an array of independent studios. Prior to September 7, 1997 this channel was named The Movie Network. Movie One (along with timeshift service, Movie Two) also offers a free interactive movie service called Redspace. Every month Redspace allows digital viewers to play a quiz, read facts about the movie or watch video packages such as behind-the-scenes, interviews and other features. Movies that air on this channel are released in the last 3–4 years (2005-onwards). An HD simulcast will launch on November 15 2009.

Movie Two

Movie Two is the timeshift service of Movie One where it broadcasts Movie One with a two hour delay.

Movie Extra

Movie Extra launched on September 7, 1997.[2] The channel shows a mix of international and Australian films along with premieres of edgier films and documentaries. More recently the channel has started screening American or British television series such as Mad Men, Five Days, Dirt & The L Word. Movies that air on this channel are mainly from the late 90s and early 2000s.

Movie Greats

Movie Greats shows films from the back catalogues of the studios. Often there are theme months, or marathons of movies. Classic movies are shown on this channel, which ranges from between the 1930s up until the mid 1990s. The channel adopted the slogan "Movies that move you" on from November 15, 2009.

Family Movie Channel


Family Movie Channel is dedicated to Family Movies[6] and was launched on November 15 2009. The channel will shows movie rated G and PG, along with "light" M rated movies.[8] Premieres will be on Saturday evenings.[8]



Starpics is dedicated to double features of movies starring the same person. It has the slogan "Movies you know, actors you love",[6] and will launch on November 15 2009. The channel has a timeshift channel, with both having HD simulcasts.

Exclusive Foxtel Download Channels

Movie Action This is a channel exclusive to foxtel's download service it provides a large library of action films.

Movie Comedy Movie comedy is a channel made for a wide variety of comedy films on foxtel download.

Movie Drama A channel dedicated to drama films only on the foxtel download service.


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