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Location of Mozambique Channel

The Mozambique Channel is a portion of the Indian Ocean located between the island of Madagascar and southeast Africa, primarily the country of Mozambique. It was a World War II clashpoint during the Battle of Madagascar. The channel is approximately 460 kilometers across at its narrowest point between Angoche, Mozambique, and Tambohorano, Madagascar.

The channel reaches a depth of 3,292 meters (10,800 feet) about 230 kilometers off the coast of Mozambique. A warm current flows in a southward direction in the channel, leading into the Agulhas Current off the east coast of South Africa. It is around 1000 miles (1600 kilometers) long and the width of it varies from 250-600 miles (400-950 kilometers).



The International Hydrographic Organization defines the limits of the Mozambique Channel as follows:[1]

On the North. A line from the estuary of the River Rovuma (10°28′S 40°26′E / 10.467°S 40.433°E / -10.467; 40.433) to Ras Habu, the Northern point of Ile Grande Comore, the Northern of the Comore (Comoro) Islands, to Cap d'Ambre (Amber) the Northern extremity of Madagascar (11°57′S 49°17′E / 11.95°S 49.283°E / -11.95; 49.283).

On the East. The West coast of Madagascar.

On the South. A line from Cap Sainte-Marie, the Southern extreme of Madagascar to Ponto do Ouro on the mainland (26°53′S 32°56′E / 26.883°S 32.933°E / -26.883; 32.933).

On the West. The mainland of South Africa.

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Coordinates: 16°42′04″S 42°08′32″E / 16.70111°S 42.14222°E / -16.70111; 42.14222


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