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Mr Bean: The Animated Series
Mr bean anime.jpg
Mr. Bean in the animated series. Along with his girlfriend Irma Gobb and landlady Mrs. Wicket
Format Animated television series
Starring Rowan Atkinson
Matilda Ziegler
Sally Grace
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Tiger Aspect
Richard Purdham Productions
Varga Studio[1]
Running time 20 minutes
Original channel ITV
Picture format 16:9
Original run 25 January 2002 – 30 May 2003
Related shows Mr. Bean

Mr Bean: The Animated Series is a 2002 animated television series based on the 1990 British TV series Mr. Bean. Characters from the original live action series included Mr. Bean, Irma Gobb, Teddy and the mysterious driver of the Reliant Supervan, with the addition of Mrs. Wicket, Bean's landlady, and her evil cat Scrapper.

The series again featured little actual dialogue, with most being either little soundbites or mumbling. Rowan Atkinson did not provide the voice for Bean, but all of the animated Bean actions are taken from Atkinson himself. Other characters' voices are provided by real people like Jon Glover, Rupert Degas, Gary Martin, Sally Grace and Lorelei King.

Disney Channel in Southeast Asia refers this series as "Mr. Bean - The Animated Series" and the original live-action series as "Mr. Bean - Live Action Series" in their schedule.[2] The German version, aired on Super RTL, is titled "Mr. Bean - Die Cartoon-Serie".[3]


List of characters

  • Mr. Bean (Voiced by Rowan Atkinson) has a unique way of approaching everyday problems in a rather round about way. He is the main protagonist. He is mischievous and makes numerous disasters. He wants every environment around him to be clean.In "A Royal Makeover",it is revealed that he lives in 112 Arbour Road as seen in the packages Elizabeth II sent to him and Mrs. Wicket.
  • Teddy is Mr Bean's life-long best friend. As a stuffed companion, Mr. Bean pretends it is alive.
  • Mrs. Wicket (Voiced by Sally Grace) is the series' main antagonist, a blunderbuss of a woman with a concrete mixer like voice. She was married 50 years ago for a mere ten minutes before her husband wisely made a dash for freedom. She is the owner of the evil one eyed cat named Scrapper. She is seldom nice to Bean when she asks him questions in a low voice but she is always despising him and is very brutal towards him.
  • Scrapper is the evil one eyed cat who despises all humans, especially Mr Bean, although he does feign affection for his tin opener: Mrs Wicket. His hobbies include scratching, mousing and getting Bean into terrible trouble with Mrs Wicket at every opportunity.
  • Irma Gobb (Voiced by Matilda Ziegler) is sort of Mr Bean's sort of girlfriend (sort of). A sweet girl, who probably has a sort of degree in something or other. She's sort of fond of Mr Bean but mainly visits so that her teddy can play with Bean's teddy. She usually stays long enough to get a free meal. Unlike the live action version, she is a female version of Bean.
  • Lottie is Irma's teddy bear. She looks almost identical to Mr. Bean's teddy, except she has eyelashes and a red bow. She is seen as Teddy's girlfriend, although Mr. Bean does not want them to be in a relationship.
  • Mr Bean's car is Mr Bean loved lime-green Mini. It is green as seen throughout the whole episodes including the live action episodes except for the first episode in the action version which is orange which was destroyed after a stunt.
  • Reliant Supervan III is the three-wheeler blue car known as a Reliant Regal is which always happens to be a victim when Mr. Bean speeds up his Mini and it ends up crashing anywhere similar to the live action episodes.
  • Bandits are two unnamed crooks who frequently commit crimes while in various disguises. One is large and beefy, and the other is pint-sized. First appearance: Missing Teddy (2002 Season 1, Ep.1). Last appearance: Young Bean (2003 Season 2, Ep.8).
  • The Neighbors are unnamed characters who are a working-class stereotype of a family of overweight, boring, stupid people. The father is shown as a very aggressive and cruel person towards Mr. Bean and is the most stupid amongst the family. His wife is known as being terribly lazy. The three children are seen to be rambunctious and naughty. When the father turns up, he instantly throws a tantrum. The family is shown as being in constant disagreement with each other. The wife, the daughter and the baby only appear in Neighbourly Bean. In the other episodes, only the father and his son appears.
  • Tutati is Mr. Bean's neighbor's diabolical black dog. It is most often seen with his neighbor's son. Its gender is unknown, but it is extremely aggressive and will attack Mr. Bean for no apparent reason. The anger worsens if one makes a retaliation against it. It craves biting and chewing on things as shown in many episodes. It was said to be a male in Neighbourly Bean when Mr. Bean acts as a female dog and it is attracted to it in order to get Teddy when he accidentally throws it in his neighbour's yard when he mistook it for a cookie.
  • Harry is the former kindergarten/nursery classmate of Mr. Bean who only appears in the episode The Visitor. He eats too much and is very obese in which Mr. Bean despises him. He never stops eating and devours all the food in Mr. Bean's refrigerator. In the restaurant scene of the episode, he orders the whole menu.
  • Queen Elizabeth II, Mr. Bean is a fan of Queen Elizabeth II, as seen in Royal Bean, The Queen only appears in two episodes A Royal Makeover (on TV) and Royal Bean (in person) and is shown to have her own television program, "The Queen Indoors" which sees her life inside Buckingham Palace.
  • The Roadworkers are the two unnamed characters who annoy Mr. Bean in the episode Roadworks. They have a short appearance in the episode "Royal Bean" where Mr. Bean drives his car in their tent. The duo consists of a big guy and a small guy which makes them look identical to the bandits.
  • Roxy is a glamorous celebrity star in which Mr. Bean has a crush on and tries to get an autograph from her. He ends up having the signature on the hankerchief with a lipstick mark on it given to him by herself. She only appears in the Bean in Love episode.
  • Roxy's Guard is an unnamed character who serves as the primary antagonist only in the Bean in Love episode. He always stops Mr. Bean to get a autograph from her and is shown to be very mean to him.
  • The Inventor is an unnamed character who only appears in "The Inventor". He is the main antagonist of the episode, trying to be better than Mr. Bean, he does better than him. He was kicked out after Mr. Bean hacks his robot waiter machine which messes Mrs. Wicket.
  • The French Restaurant waiter is an unnamed character who seems to be a grumpy man who is always angry to someone who does something wrong. He only appers in the episodes Hot Date,Restauraunt and The Visitor.
  • The Celebrities are two unnamed characters who only appear in the episode Restaurant. When Mr. Bean is chosen as the assistant waiter by the head waiter, he gets annoyed by them. The male is likely to be agressive and cruel to him in a scene when Mr. Bean is thrown out. He throws a tantrum to him while holding a rolling pin saying "You can't ruin my evening". He is scared and chased away by the lobster who appears in a big shadow while photographers and interviewers chase him. The female is shown to be nice and laughs seldom. Mr. Bean ends up with pictures taken with her with one on top of the fireplace showing her kissing him and he sticks out his tounge.
  • The Piano professor is an unnamed character who only appears in the episode who only appears in Keyboard Capers. He buys a small keyboard and teaches Mr. Bean a few notes on the piano in the flat.
  • The Seller is an unnamed character who also only appears in Keyboard Capers and is the owner of the store "Goodall's Music". He sells to Mr. Bean the new piano.


The animated series was consisted of 26 episodes (with 2 segments each).

Ep # Ep Title Description
In the Wild
Mr. Bean goes on a trip to take pictures of animals and then dresses up as a fox which leads him to being chased by dogs and horses.
Missing Teddy
Teddy is kidnapped by burglars, leaving Mr. Bean with the task of finding him and capturing the thieves!
No Parking
Mr. Bean's trying to find a parking place for him so he can watch Titanic in the cinemas.
Bean's Bounty
Mr. Bean's on a treasure hunt with his home-made metal detector.
Artful Bean
Mr. Bean tries to become an artist and make money, using paint made by food.
The Fly
Mr. Bean's annoyed by a fly and tries to get rid of it.
Mime Games
Mr. Bean's annoyed by a hungry Mime player.
Spring Clean
It's spring clean season and Mr. Bean is on a quest to clean his flat.
No Pets
Mr. Bean tries to bring pets home without being detected by Mrs. Wicket.
Ray Of Sunshine
Mr. Bean's trying to sunbathe but there's only one ray and he's after it.
A roadwork crew begins heavy construction near Mr. Bean's apartment, resulting in his many attempts to stop their loud noise.
The Sofa
Mr. Bean tries to purchase a new sofa to replace his old, broken one.
Mr. Bean goes on a camping trip.
Chocks Away
Mr. Bean purchases a new RC plane to get revenge on an annoying child.
Royal Bean
Mr. Bean tries to buy a "Royal Mug" which leads him to an adventure in the Palace.
Young Bean
Mr. Bean hides in the attic from Mrs. Wicket, thus reminding him from his youth.
In The Pink
Mr. Bean runs into a pink creature and then goes on an adventure to find out what it is.
Dinner For Two
Mr. Bean prepares dinner for his date, Irma Gobb, but his carelessness requires him to make other arrangements.
The Ball
Mr. Bean accidentally throws his neighbor's tennis ball up on a roof and now he has to retrieve it.
Mr. Bean gets a swollen tooth.
Mr. Bean has a picture taking from The daily Blah but his hair just getting messy even when brushed,and he has to get a haircut but ends up in a disastrous result.
Neighbourly Bean
Mr. Bean's neighbours is making a lot of noise and interrupts him while watching his favorite show.
Mr. Bean pretends to have a broken leg in order to get perks from the hospital.
Dead Cat
After Mr. Bean accidentally kills Scrapper, he tries to get a replacement cat before Mrs. Wicket finds out.
Super Trolley
Mr. Bean invented home-made shopping cart in order to go shopping for Mrs. Wicket and himself and avoiding the mall manager at the same time.
Mr. Bean accidentally injures a magpie and tries to heal it, but something terrible happened and he is taken into a bribe.
Cat Sitting
After Mrs. Wicket is injured, he is left in charge of Scrapper.
The Bottle
Mr. Bean got a ship-in-a- bottle, but is taken by a delivery man.
Mr. Bean replaces Teddy with a goldfish while Teddy himself has to go to the laundry.
An inventor checks in and takes over Mr. Bean's life.
Hot Date
Mr. Bean and Irma Gobb go on an actual outdoor date.
A criminal, who looks just like Mr. Bean, escapes and the police mistook him as the villain.
Art Thief
Mr. Bean spots an art thief and tries to get the painting back.
Scaredy Bean
Mr. Bean goes to a cinema to see scary movies which scares him away.
Car Trouble
Mr. Bean's car breaks down, and he replaces it with a hot air balloon, only to finds out that the car's wire got sucked by goo.
Mr. Bean goes to a restaurant only to get him annoyed with a celebrity star eating at the same restaurant.
Gadget Kid
Mr. Bean befriends a Japanese kid with expert gadgets.
The Visitor
An old school friend named Harry visits Mr. Bean only to eat all of Bean's food.
Big TV
Mr. Bean buys a TV. He watches the TV with his girlfriend. Mr Bean starts an alien puppet show because another person is doing a puppet show.
Keyboard Capers
Mr. Bean buys a piano.
Bean In Love
Mr. Bean goes to a concert of a celebrity star which is Bean's crush and tries to get an autograph from her.
Double Trouble
Mr. Bean runs into a clone of himself, discovering he's an alien.
A Royal Makeover
Mr. Bean redecorates his room to royal style, but is interrupted by Mrs. Wicket and she takes over his royal room.
Mr. Bean takes part in a watermelon growing competition.
Birthday Bear
Mr. Bean throws Teddy a birthday party along with Irma and her teddy bear.
The Mole
Mrs. Wicket is annoyed by a mole, resulting in Mr. Bean's many attempts to capture the nuisance.
Mr. Bean reveals a little secret that leads him to a treasure from his youth
Mr. Bean is kicked out of the house after messing with Ms. Wicket, so he has to find a new home
A Running Battle
Mr. Bean enters a race
Egg & Bean
Mr. Bean cracks a bird egg and has to raise a bird.
Hopping Mad!
Mr. Bean raises frogs while Ms. Wicket prepare food for an important guest.
A Grand Invitation
Mr. Bean is believed to have saved a dog and is invited as a guest to a womans house for lunch.

DVD releases

Mr. Bean: The Animated Series has been released on DVD by A&E Home Video in Region 1, and Universal Pictures in Regions 2 and 4. Five segments including "Haircut", "Goldfish", "Hot Date", "Art Thief" and "Scaredy Bean" haven't so far been released on DVD in Region 2 and 4.


Region 1

DVD Name # of episodes Release Date
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 1: It's Not Easy Being Bean 5 30 September 2003
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 2: Bean There, Done That 4 30 September 2003
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 3: Whatever Will Bean, Will Bean 5 30 March 2004
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 4: It's All Bean To Me 4 30 March 2004
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 5: Grin & Bean It 4 28 September 2004
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 6: The End Justify The Beans 4 28 September 2004

Region 2

DVD Name # of segments Release Date
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 1: Eight Amazing Adventures 8 29 August 2005
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 2: Eight Exciting Escapades 8 27 March 2006
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 3: Eight Terrific Tales 8 31 July 2006
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 4: Seven Smashing Stories 7 13 November 2006
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 5: Eight Essential Escapades 8 19 March 2007
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 6: Eight Sticky Scrapes 8 November 2007
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 1-6: Boxset 47 March 2008

Region 4

DVD Name # of segments Release Date
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 1: Eight Amazing Adventures 8 23 August 2004
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 2: Eight Exciting Escapades 8 5 July 2007
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 3: Eight Teriffic Tales 8 28 October 2009
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 4: Seven Smashing Stories 7 28 October 2009
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 5: Eight Eventful Episodes 8 28 October 2009
Mr. Bean- The Animated Series, Vol 6: Eight Sticky Scrapes 8 28 October 2009


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