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Mr. Do's Wild Ride
File:WMr. Do's Wild Ride.png
Developer(s) Universal
Publisher(s) Taito
Platform(s) Arcade
Release date(s) 1984
Genre(s) Platform
Mode(s) Up to 2 players, alternating turns
Input methods Joystick
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Z80 (@ 3.9 MHz), (2x) Z80 (@4 MHz)

Sound Chips : (4x) SN76496 (@ 4 MHz)

Mr. Do's Wild Ride is the third game in Universal's Mr. Do! arcade series. Mr. Do!'s Wild Ride, was released in 1984. Mr. Do!'s scenario is a roller coaster, and the object is to reach the top. As the cars (and eventually other objects) speed around the track, you must escape by using a super speed button, or by climbing up small ladders scattered about the track. Two icons at the end of the level range from cakes to EXTRA letters or diamonds change upon collecting cherries at the top of each letter. The game is timed, and the timer ticks faster when the super speed button is depressed. Visually and thematically, the game greatly resembles the title Kong Strikes Back!

Brief Description of level configurations

  • Basic roller coaster
  • Large bobbing pirate ship
  • Elevators
  • Large bowling balls fly around track
  • Fifth: carousel intersects coaster
  • Sixth: elevators in circular paths

After the sixth level is completed, the aforementioned screens are redone in order with various obstacles and/or more roller coaster cars with which to contend.


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Mr. Do's Wild Ride
Box artwork for Mr. Do's Wild Ride.
Developer(s) Universal
Publisher(s) Universal
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Action
System(s) Arcade, MSX
Players 1-2
Preceded by Mr. Do's Castle
Followed by Do! Run Run

Mr. Do's Wild Ride is yet another Mr. Do sequel by Universal in 1984, involving Mr. Do on the tracks of a roller coaster, with a style similar to Donkey Kong.

Table of Contents

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