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Grouping Cryptid
Sub grouping Lake monster
Country Scotland
Region Loch Maree
Habitat Water

The Muc-sheilch or Muc-sheilche (pronounced "Mook Helluch") is a loch monster reported to live in Loch Maree, and its neighbouring lochs.

Mr Banks of Letterewe tried at great expense to drain Loch-na-Bèiste near Aultbea, in the 1850s, but failed. He also tried to poison it with quicklime. Loch-na-Bèiste is Scottish Gaelic for "loch of the beast", beast often being used for a loch monster in Ireland especially. Seilch would appear to be cognate with selkie; muc generally means a pig, but is also applied to whales as muc-mhara (sea pigs).

It has been suggested that it may be a large eel.

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  • This article incorporates text from "Dwelly's [Scottish] Gaelic Dictionary" (1911).
  • AA Touring Guide to Scotland (1978)


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