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MuchMusic Video Awards
2009 MuchMusic Video Awards
Logo for the 2009 MMVAs
Awarded for Music videos
Presented by MuchMusic
Country Canada
First awarded 1990
Official Website

The MuchMusic Video Awards (also known as (the) MMVA or MMVAs) are annual awards presented by the Canadian music video channel MuchMusic to honour the year's best music videos.

In their modern form, the awards ceremony is not held in a conventional theatre, but instead as a large street party incorporating the MuchMusic World Headquarters, its parking lot, and parts of Queen Street West in downtown Toronto, Ontario. There are no hosts or announcers in the traditional awards-show fashion; instead, the MuchMusic VJs are an integral part of the festivities, introducing (and interviewing) the awards' presenters and winners throughout the show. As with many modern awards shows (such as the MTV Video Music Awards or the ESPYs), many presenters and performers may have little or no connection to the music industry or that year's nominees. (For instance, for the 2006 show, Nelly Furtado performed music from an upcoming album, and Tricia Helfer appeared in connection with her role in Canada's Next Top Model.)

For each year's MMVAs viewers are encouraged to visit the website to vote for People's Choice Awards for both an International Group and Artist as well as a Canadian Group and Artist.

The 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards took place on June 21, 2009. The guests included the Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, The Black Eyed Peas, Nickelback, Rise Against, Taylor Lautner, Kim Kardashian, Girlicious, Danny Fernandes, Billy Talent, Lights and many others. The award show was especially significant because it was co hosted by the Jonas Brothers and Much Music's VJs.



Defunct awards


Artist with the most awards: Our Lady Peace (10)

  1. 1997 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "Superman's Dead"
  2. 1997 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Video, "Superman's Dead"
  3. 1998 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "4 A.M."
  4. 2000 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "One Man Army"
  5. 2000 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Video, "One Man Army"
  6. 2001 Best Video, "In Repair"
  7. 2001 Best Director, "In Repair"
  8. 2001 Best Post-Production, "In Repair"
  9. 2003 Best Video, "Innocent"
  10. 2003 Best Cinematography, "Innocent"

Artist with the most awards won for the same category: Simple Plan for Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group (5)

  1. 2003 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "Addicted"
  2. 2004 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "Perfect"
  3. 2005 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "Welcome to My Life"
  4. 2006 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "Crazy"
  5. 2008 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "When I'm Gone"
  6. 2009 Peoples Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "Save You"

Artists with the most nominations in one night: Billy Talent in 2005 (9)

  1. Best Video, "River Below"
  2. Best Video, "Nothing to Lose"
  3. Best Director, "River Below"
  4. Best Director, "Nothing to Lose"
  5. Best Post-Production, "River Below"
  6. Best Cinematography, "Nothing to Lose"
  7. MuchLOUD Best Rock Video, "River Below"
  8. MuchLOUD Best Rock Video, "Nothing to Lose"
  9. People's Choice: Favourite Canadian Group, "River Below"

Artists with the most awards in one night:

Swollen Members f. Moka Only (4 in 2002)

  1. Best Director, "Fuel Injected"
  2. VideoFACT Award, "Fuel Injected"
  3. Best Independent Video, "Fuel Injected"
  4. MuchVibe Best Rap Video, "Fuel Injected"

k-os (4 in 2005)

  1. Best Director, "Man I Used To Be"
  2. Best Pop Video, "Crabbuckit"
  3. Best Cinematography, "Man I Used To Be"
  4. MuchVibe Best Rap Video, "Man I Used To Be"

Hedley (4 in 2008)

  1. Best Video, "For the Nights I Can’t Remember"
  2. Best Director, "For the Nights I Can't Remember"
  3. Best Cinematography, "She's So Sorry"
  4. MuchLOUD Best Rock Video, "She's So Sorry"

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