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Muhammed II al-Faqih was the son and heir of Mohammed ibn Alhamar and the second Nasrid ruler of Granada in Iberia. Muhammed II was born in the Arjuno region of the Andalusian province of Jaen in 1234 and succeeded his father in 1273. He served as a vizier during his father’s Sultanate. Known as "al-Faqih" or the lawgiver, he continued architectural work at the Alhambra. He was literate and often wrote his own letters of state. His cousin Abu Said Faraj became a trusted advisor and married one of Muhammed II al-Faqih's daughters, the princess Fatima.

Muhammed II al-Faqih's reign continued the civil war between his family and a rival clan, the Ashqilula. When the last Ashqilula governor of Malaga, Abu Muhammad rebelled, Muhammed II al-Faqih took the city in 1278. In 1278, with the defeat of his rivals, Muhammed II al-Faqih awarded the governorship of Malaga to his cousin and son-in-law, Abu Said Faraj. Later, the majority of the Ashqilula clan fled to Morocco in AH or 1279 CE. Muhammed II al-Faqih's had at least three sons Faraj, Muhammed III and Nasr, the latter the son of a Christian concubine. The second Nasrid ruler died on April 8, 1302, after his son Muhammed III, allegedly had him poisoned. He died after completing the mid-afternoon prayer and seemed to be suffocating just prior. Earlier that afternoon he had received a cake from the household of his son Muhammed III. Muhammed II was rapidly buried in the sultan's garden after his poisoning.


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Muhammed II al-Faqih, Sultan of Granada
Born: 1234 Died: 8 April 1302
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Mohammed I ibn Nasr
Sultan of Granada
Succeeded by
Muhammed III


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