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Muhan Khan (other spellings include Muhan, Mohan, Mukan, Mukhan, Mokhan, Sijin, Muchu Qaghan, Bek Khan, 木杆) was the second son of Bumin Khan and the third khagan of the Göktürks who expanded their empire and secured the borders against the Hephthalites.

Muhan's reign marked the pinnacle of Sogdian cultural influence in the Göktürk Empire. Sogdian culture was transmitted by merchants from Turpan who worked as ambassadors and advisers. The Sogdian language and script were used to govern the empire.

After Muhan's death the title of khagan passed to his younger brother Taspar. His daughter Empress Ashina was the wife of Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou.


Preceded by
Kara Khan
554 - 572
Succeeded by
Taspar Khan


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