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A mule is a hybrid equid, a cross of a female horse and a male donkey, often used for transport in rugged terrain

Mule or MULE can also refer to:


Things connected with equid mules

  • 40 acres and a mule, compensation to be awarded to freed slaves after the American Civil War
  • Twenty-mule team, a team of eighteen mules and two horses, used for hauling very large wagons in Death Valley in the 19th century

Other hybrids

  • Mule (bird), captive-bred hybrids of finch species such as goldfinch and canary
  • Mule (sheep), in British sheep farming, a cross between a meat ram and a hardy mountain ewe
  • Development mule, a vehicle equipped with experimental or prototype components for testing
  • Mule (coin), a coin or medal minted with obverse and reverse designs not normally seen on the same piece

Other animals

  • Mule deer (Odocoileus hemionus), a North American species of deer (not a hybrid) with large mule-like ears

Other transport


Computer games

  • M.U.L.E., a 1983 multiplayer video game



  • Mule (software), an open source Java-based Enterprise Service Bus
  • MULE, the MUltiLingual Extension to Emacs allowing editing text written in multiple languages
  • Mule (parser), a parser made at The University of Arizona



Other uses

See also

  • Mul
  • Mulesing, a controversial Australian procedure which aims to reduce fly-strike in sheep by removing folds of skin around the tail

Bible wiki

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(Heb. pered), so called from the quick step of the animal or its power of carrying loads. It is not probable that the Hebrews bred mules, as this was strictly forbidden in the law (Lev 19:19), although their use was not forbidden. We find them in common use even by kings and nobles (2 Sam 18:9; 1 Kg 1:33; 2Kg 5:17; Ps 329). They are not mentioned, however, till the time of David, for the word rendered "mules" (R.V. correctly, "hot springs") in Gen 36:24 (yemim) properly denotes the warm springs of Callirhoe, on the eastern shore of the Dead Sea. In David's reign they became very common (2 Sam 13:29; 1 Kg 10:25).

Mules are not mentioned in the New Testament. Perhaps they had by that time ceased to be used in Palestine.

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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