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A relatively small number of Chinese characters (known as (Chinese (PRC)): 简繁一对多; (Chinese (Taiwan)): 簡繁一對多) do not have a one-to-one mapping between their simplified and traditional forms. This is because the simplification process merged two or more distinct traditional characters into one. In most cases, the characters all have the same pronunciation, but their meanings may be completely unrelated.

As a result, converting text from simplified traditional characters is difficult to automate, especially in the case of common characters such as Cmbox move.png後后 (behind, empress), Cmbox move.png表錶 (table, clock), Cmbox move.png奸姦 (traitor, rape) and more.

The following is an exhaustive list of all merged characters. Simplified characters are marked with a pink background, and traditional characters with light blue.


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Cmbox move.png板闆  Cmbox move.png杯盃  Cmbox move.png辟闢  Cmbox move.png表錶  Cmbox move.png別彆  Cmbox move.png卜蔔  Cmbox move.png布佈  Cmbox move.png才纔  Cmbox move.png彩綵  Cmbox move.png參蔘  Cmbox move.png沖衝  Cmbox move.png虫蟲 

Cmbox move.png丑醜  Cmbox move.png仇讎  Cmbox move.png出齣  Cmbox move.png村邨  Cmbox move.png粗麤  Cmbox move.png酬醻  Cmbox move.png當噹  Cmbox move.png黨党  Cmbox move.png澱淀  Cmbox move.png弔吊  Cmbox move.png冬鼕  Cmbox move.png發髮 

Cmbox move.png范範  Cmbox move.png豐丰  Cmbox move.png谷穀  Cmbox move.png雇僱  Cmbox move.png刮颳  广Cmbox move.png廣广  Cmbox move.png哄鬨  Cmbox move.png後后  Cmbox move.png夥伙  Cmbox move.png獲穫  Cmbox move.png幾几  Cmbox move.png飢饑 

Cmbox move.png跡蹟  Cmbox move.png奸姦  Cmbox move.png姜薑  Cmbox move.png借藉  Cmbox move.png盡儘  Cmbox move.png據据  Cmbox move.png捲卷  Cmbox move.png克剋  Cmbox move.png困睏  Cmbox move.png夸誇  Cmbox move.png羅囉  Cmbox move.png累纍 

Cmbox move.png厘釐  Cmbox move.png漓灕  Cmbox move.png梁樑  Cmbox move.png了瞭  Cmbox move.png霉黴  Cmbox move.png彌瀰  Cmbox move.png蔑衊  Cmbox move.png么麼  Cmbox move.png麽麼  Cmbox move.png蘋苹  Cmbox move.png僕仆  Cmbox move.png鋪舖 

Cmbox move.png朴樸  Cmbox move.png簽籤  Cmbox move.png確确  Cmbox move.png舍捨  Cmbox move.png沈瀋  Cmbox move.png勝胜  Cmbox move.png術朮  Cmbox move.png松鬆  Cmbox move.png它牠  Cmbox move.png他祂  Cmbox move.png嘆歎  Cmbox move.png壇罈 

Cmbox move.png體体  Cmbox move.png同衕  Cmbox move.png涂塗  Cmbox move.png團糰  Cmbox move.png喂餵  Cmbox move.png為爲  Cmbox move.png纖縴  Cmbox move.png鹹咸  Cmbox move.png弦絃  Cmbox move.png綉繡  Cmbox move.png須鬚  Cmbox move.png熏燻 

Cmbox move.png醃腌  Cmbox move.png葉叶  Cmbox move.png傭佣  Cmbox move.png湧涌  Cmbox move.png游遊  Cmbox move.png於于  Cmbox move.png余餘  Cmbox move.png籲吁  Cmbox move.png郁鬱  Cmbox move.png欲慾  Cmbox move.png御禦  Cmbox move.png願愿 

Cmbox move.png岳嶽  Cmbox move.png雲云  Cmbox move.png贊讚  Cmbox move.png臟髒  Cmbox move.png扎紮  Cmbox move.png占佔  Cmbox move.png折摺  Cmbox move.png征徵  Cmbox move.png證証  Cmbox move.png志誌  Cmbox move.png制製  Cmbox move.png致緻 

Cmbox move.png鍾鐘  Cmbox move.png種种  Cmbox move.png周週  Cmbox move.png註注  Cmbox move.png準准  Cmbox move.png塚冢  Cmbox move.png庄莊  Cmbox move.png澀澁  Cmbox move.png蠶蚕  Cmbox move.png懺忏  Cmbox move.png噸吨  Cmbox move.png趕赶 

Cmbox move.png構构  Cmbox move.png櫃柜  怀Cmbox move.png懷怀  Cmbox move.png壞坏  Cmbox move.png極极  Cmbox move.png繭茧  Cmbox move.png家傢  Cmbox move.png價价  Cmbox move.png潔洁  Cmbox move.png驚惊  Cmbox move.png臘腊  Cmbox move.png蠟蜡 

Cmbox move.png簾帘  Cmbox move.png憐怜  Cmbox move.png嶺岭  Cmbox move.png撲扑  Cmbox move.png秋鞦  Cmbox move.png千韆  Cmbox move.png確确  Cmbox move.png擾扰  Cmbox move.png灑洒  Cmbox move.png曬晒  Cmbox move.png適适  Cmbox move.png聽听 

Cmbox move.png窪洼  Cmbox move.png網网  Cmbox move.png旋鏇  Cmbox move.png踴踊  Cmbox move.png優优  Cmbox move.png症癥  Cmbox move.png朱硃  Cmbox move.png薦荐  Cmbox move.png離离  Cmbox move.png鹵滷  Cmbox move.png氣气  Cmbox move.png聖圣 

Cmbox move.png萬万  Cmbox move.png與与  Cmbox move.png擺襬  Cmbox move.png蟣虮  Cmbox move.png籬篱  Cmbox move.png濘泞  Cmbox move.png惡噁  Cmbox move.png托託  Cmbox move.png嚥咽  Cmbox move.png你妳 

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Cmbox move.png曲麯麴  Cmbox move.png升昇陞  Cmbox move.png蘇囌甦  Cmbox move.png系係繫  Cmbox move.png嘗甞嚐  Cmbox move.png胡鬍衚  Cmbox move.png畫劃划  Cmbox move.png回迴囘  Cmbox move.png匯彙滙  Cmbox move.png里裡裏 

Cmbox move.png歷曆厤  Cmbox move.png裊嫋嬝  线Cmbox move.png缐線綫  Cmbox move.png向嚮曏  Cmbox move.png只隻衹  Cmbox move.png它牠祂 

1 to 4

Cmbox move.png并並併竝  Cmbox move.png采埰寀採  Cmbox move.png厂庵厰廠  Cmbox move.png乾干幹榦  Cmbox move.png蒙懞濛矇  Cmbox move.png面麵麪麫  Cmbox move.png復複覆复 

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Cmbox move.png鬥斗鬪鬦鬭  Cmbox move.png臺台檯枱颱



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