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Spoken in Afghanistan
Region basin of eastern Nuristan
Total speakers 1,500 (Richard F. Strand)
Language family Indo-European
Official status
Official language in none
Regulated by No official regulation
Language codes
ISO 639-1 none
ISO 639-2 none
ISO 639-3
Indic script
This page contains Indic text. Without rendering support you may see irregular vowel positioning and a lack of conjuncts. More...

Mumviri is a dialect of the Kamkata-viri Nuristani language spoken by perhaps 1,500 of the Mumo people of Afghanistan. There are only slight differences to the Kata-vari, Mumviri has Kamviri phonetic features. The most used alternative name is Bashgali, which derive from Khowar.

Mumviri is spoken in the Mangul, Sasku and Gabalgrom in the Bashgal Valley.


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