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This is a list of municipalities (Albanian: komunë and bashki) of Albania, sorted by county and by district. Municipalities are the third-level administrative divisions of Albania, under districts and counties. The larger municipalities (towns, cities) are called bashki in Albanian; they are marked with asterisk (*) in the list.


Lists of municipalities by county and by district


Berat County

Berat District

Kuçovë District

Skrapar District

Dibër County

Bulqizë District

Dibër District

Mat District

Durrës County

Durrës District

Krujë District

Elbasan County

Elbasan District

Gramsh District

Librazhd District

Peqin District

Fier County

Fier District

Lushnjë District

Mallakastër District

Gjirokastër County

Gjirokastër District

Përmet District

Tepelenë District

Korçë County

Devoll District

Kolonjë District

Korçë District

Pogradec District

Kukës County

Has District

Kukës District

Tropojë District

Lezhë County

Kurbin District

Lezhë District

Mirditë District

Shkodër County

Malësi e Madhe District

Pukë District

Shkodër District

Tirana County

Kavajë District

Tirana District

Vlorë County

Delvinë District

Sarandë District

Vlorë District


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