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Municipalities of Bulgaria
Provinces of Bulgaria

The 28 provinces of Bulgaria are divided into 260 municipalities (община, obshtina).


Blagoevgrad Province

A map of the municipalities in Blagoevgrad Province
  1. Bansko Municipality (town/village: Bansko)
  2. Belitsa Municipality (town/village: Belitsa)
  3. Blagoevgrad Municipality (town/village: Blagoevgrad)
  4. Garmen Municipality (town/village: Garmen)
  5. Gotse Delchev Municipality (town/village: Gotse Delchev)
  6. Hadzhidimovo Municipality (town/village: Hadzhidimovo)
  7. Kresna Municipality (town/village: Kresna)
  8. Petrich Municipality (town/village: Petrich)
  9. Razlog Municipality (town/village: Razlog)
  10. Sandanski Municipality (town/village: Sandanski)
  11. Satovcha Municipality (town/village: Satovcha)
  12. Simitli Municipality (town/village: Simitli)
  13. Strumyani Municipality (town/village: Strumyani)
  14. Yakoruda Municipality (town/village: Yakoruda)

Burgas Province

The municipalities of Burgas Province
  1. Aitos Municipality (town/village: Aitos)
  2. Burgas Municipality (town/village: Burgas)
  3. Kameno Municipality (town/village: Kameno)
  4. Karnobat Municipality (town/village: Karnobat)
  5. Malko Tarnovo Municipality (town/village: Malko Tarnovo)
  6. Nesebar Municipality (town/village: Nesebar)
  7. Pomorie Municipality (town/village: Pomorie)
  8. Primorsko Municipality (town/village: Primorsko)
  9. Ruen Municipality (town/village: Ruen)
  10. Sozopol Municipality (town/village: Sozopol)
  11. Sredets Municipality (town/village: Sredets)
  12. Sungurlare Municipality (town/village: Sungurlare)
  13. Tsarevo Municipality (town/village: Tsarevo)

Dobrich Province

The municipalities of Dobrich Province
  1. Balchik Municipality (town/village: Balchik)
  2. Dobrich Municipality (town/village: Dobrich)
  3. Dobrichka Municipality (town/village: Dobrich)
  4. General Toshevo Municipality (town/village: General Toshevo)
  5. Kavarna Municipality (town/village: Kavarna)
  6. Krushari Municipality (town/village: Krushari)
  7. Shabla Municipality (town/village: Shabla)
  8. Tervel Municipality (town/village: Tervel)

Gabrovo Province

The municipalities of Gabrovo Province
  1. Dryanovo Municipality (town/village: Dryanovo)
  2. Gabrovo Municipality (town/village: Gabrovo)
  3. Sevlievo Municipality (town/village: Sevlievo)
  4. Tryavna Municipality (town/village: Tryavna)

Haskovo Province

  1. Dimitrovgrad Municipality (town/village: Dimitrovgrad)
  2. Harmanli Municipality (town/village: Harmanli)
  3. Haskovo Municipality (town/village: Haskovo)
  4. Ivaylovgrad Municipality (town/village: Ivaylovgrad)
  5. Lyubimets Municipality (town/village: Lyubimets)
  6. Madzharovo Municipality (town/village: Madzharovo)
  7. Mineralni Bani Municipality (town/village: Mineralni Bani)
  8. Simeonovgrad Municipality (town/village: Simeonovgrad)
  9. Stambolovo Municipality (town/village: Stambolovo)
  10. Svilengrad Municipality (town/village: Svilengrad)
  11. Topolovgrad Municipality (town/village: Topolovgrad)

Kardzhali Province

  1. Ardino Municipality (town/village: Ardino)
  2. Chernoochene Municipality (town/village: Chernoochene)
  3. Dzhebel Municipality (town/village: Dzhebel)
  4. Kardzhali Municipality (town/village: Kardzhali)
  5. Kirkovo Municipality (town/village: Kirkovo)
  6. Krumovgrad Municipality (town/village: Krumovgrad)
  7. Momchilgrad Municipality (town/village: Momchilgrad)

Kyustendil Province

  1. Boboshevo Municipality (town/village: Boboshevo)
  2. Bobov Dol Municipality (town/village: Bobov Dol)
  3. Dupnitsa Municipality (town/village: Dupnitsa)
  4. Kocherinovo Municipality (town/village: Kocherinovo)
  5. Kyustendil Municipality (town/village: Kyustendil)
  6. Nevestino Municipality (town/village: Nevestino)
  7. Rila Municipality (town/village: Rila)
  8. Sapareva Banya Municipality (town/village: Sapareva Banya)
  9. Treklyano Municipality (town/village: Treklyano)

Lovech Province

  1. Apriltsi Municipality (town/village: Apriltsi)
  2. Letnitsa Municipality (town/village: Letnitsa)
  3. Lovech Municipality (town/village: Lovech)
  4. Lukovit Municipality (town/village: Lukovit)
  5. Teteven Municipality (town/village: Teteven)
  6. Troyan Municipality (town/village: Troyan)
  7. Ugarchin Municipality (town/village: Ugarchin)
  8. Yablanitsa Municipality (town/village: Yablanitsa)

Montana Province

  1. Berkovitsa Municipality (town/village: Berkovitsa)
  2. Boychinovtsi Municipality (town/village: Boychinovtsi)
  3. Brusartsi Municipality (town/village: Brusartsi)
  4. Chiprovtsi Municipality (town/village: Chiprovtsi)
  5. Georgi Damyanovo Municipality (town/village: Georgi Damyanovo)
  6. Lom Municipality (town/village: Lom)
  7. Medkovets Municipality (town/village: Medkovets)
  8. Montana Municipality (town/village: Montana)
  9. Valchedram Municipality (town/village: Valchedram)
  10. Varshets Municipality (town/village: Varshets)
  11. Yakimovo Municipality (town/village: Yakimovo)

Pazardzhik Province

  1. Batak Municipality (town/village: Batak)
  2. Belovo Municipality (town/village: Belovo)
  3. Bratsigovo Municipality (town/village: Bratsigovo)
  4. Lesichevo Municipality (town/village: Lesichevo)
  5. Panagyurishte Municipality (town/village: Panagyurishte)
  6. Pazardzhik Municipality (town/village: Pazardzhik)
  7. Peshtera Municipality (town/village: Peshtera)
  8. Rakitovo Municipality (town/village: Rakitovo)
  9. Septemvri Municipality (town/village: Septemvri)
  10. Strelcha Municipality (town/village: Strelcha)
  11. Velingrad Municipality (town/village: Velingrad)

Pernik Province

  1. Breznik Municipality (town/village: Breznik)
  2. Kovachevtsi Municipality (town/village: Kovachevtsi)
  3. Pernik Municipality (town/village: Pernik)
  4. Radomir Municipality (town/village: Radomir)
  5. Tran Municipality (town/village: Tran)
  6. Zemen Municipality (town/village: Zemen)

Pleven Province

The municipalities of Pleven Province
  1. Belene Municipality (town/village: Belene)
  2. Cherven Bryag Municipality (town/village: Cherven Bryag)
  3. Dolna Mitropoliya Municipality (town/village: Dolna Mitropoliya)
  4. Dolni Dabnik Municipality (town/village: Dolni Dabnik)
  5. Gulyantsi Municipality (town/village: Gulyantsi)
  6. Iskar Municipality (town/village: Iskar)
  7. Knezha Municipality (town/village: Knezha)
  8. Levski Municipality (town/village: Levski)
  9. Nikopol Municipality (town/village: Nikopol)
  10. Pleven Municipality (town/village: Pleven)
  11. Pordim Municipality (town/village: Pordim)

Plovdiv Province

  1. Asenovgrad Municipality (town/village: Asenovgrad)
  2. Brezovo Municipality (town/village: Brezovo)
  3. Hisarya Municipality (town/village: Hisarya or Hisar)
  4. Kaloyanovo Municipality (town/village: Kaloyanovo)
  5. Karlovo Municipality (town/village: Karlovo)
  6. Krichim Municipality (town/village: Krichim)
  7. Kuklen Municipality (town/village: Kuklen)
  8. Laki Municipality (town/village: Laki)
  9. Maritsa Municipality (town/village: Plovdiv)
  10. Parvomay Municipality (town/village: Parvomay)
  11. Perushtitsa Municipality (town/village: Perushtitsa)
  12. Plovdiv Municipality (town/village: Plovdiv)
  13. Rakovski Municipality (town/village: Rakovski)
  14. Rodopi Municipality (town/village: Rodopi)
  15. Sadovo Municipality (town/village: Sadovo)
  16. Saedinenie Municipality (town/village: Saedinenie)
  17. Sopot Municipality (town/village: Sopot)
  18. Stamboliyski Municipality (town/village: Stamboliyski)

Razgrad Province

  1. Isperih Municipality (town/village: Isperih)
  2. Kubrat Municipality (town/village: Kubrat)
  3. Loznitsa Municipality (town/village: Loznitsa)
  4. Razgrad Municipality (town/village: Razgrad)
  5. Samuil Municipality (town/village: Samuil)
  6. Tsar Kaloyan Municipality (town/village: Tsar Kaloyan)
  7. Zavet Municipality (town/village: Zavet)

Rousse Province

  1. Borovo Municipality (town/village: Borovo)
  2. Byala Municipality (town/village: Byala)
  3. Dve Mogili Municipality (town/village: Dve Mogili)
  4. Ivanovo Municipality (town/village: Ivanovo)
  5. Rousse Municipality (town/village: Rousse)
  6. Slivo Pole Municipality (town/village: Slivo Pole)
  7. Tsenovo Municipality (town/village: Tsenovo)
  8. Vetovo Municipality (town/village: Vetovo)

Shumen Province

  1. Hitrino Municipality (town/village: Hitrino)
  2. Kaolinovo Municipality (town/village: Kaolinovo)
  3. Kaspichan Municipality (town/village: Kaspichan)
  4. Nikola Kozlevo Municipality (town/village: Nikola Kozlevo)
  5. Novi Pazar Municipality (town/village: Novi Pazar)
  6. Shumen Municipality (town/village: Shumen)
  7. Smyadovo Municipality (town/village: Smyadovo)
  8. Varbitsa Municipality (town/village: Varbitsa)
  9. Veliki Preslav Municipality (town/village: Veliki Preslav)
  10. Venets Municipality (town/village: Venets)

Silistra Province

  1. Alfatar Municipality (town/village: Alfatar)
  2. Dulovo Municipality (town/village: Dulovo)
  3. Glavinitsa Municipality (town/village: Glavinitsa)
  4. Kaynardzha Municipality (town/village: Kaynardzha)
  5. Silistra Municipality (town/village: Silistra)
  6. Sitovo Municipality (town/village: Sitovo)
  7. Tutrakan Municipality (town/village: Tutrakan)

Sliven Province

  1. Kotel Municipality (town/village: Kotel)
  2. Nova Zagora Municipality (town/village: Nova Zagora)
  3. Sliven Municipality (town/village: Sliven)
  4. Tvarditsa Municipality (town/village: Tvarditsa)

Smolyan Province

  1. Banite Municipality (town/village: Banite)
  2. Borino Municipality (town/village: Borino)
  3. Chepelare Municipality (town/village: Chepelare)
  4. Devin Municipality (town/village: Devin)
  5. Dospat Municipality (town/village: Dospat)
  6. Madan Municipality (town/village: Madan)
  7. Nedelino Municipality (town/village: Nedelino)
  8. Rudozem Municipality (town/village: Rudozem)
  9. Smolyan Municipality (town/village: Smolyan)
  10. Zlatograd Municipality (town/village: Zlatograd)

Sofia (city)

The municipalities of Sofia city
  1. Bankya Municipality (town/village: Bankya)
  2. Ilinden Municipality (town/village: Ilinden)
  3. Iskar Municipality (town/village: Iskar)
  4. Izgrev Municipality (town/village: Izgrev)
  5. Krasna polyana Municipality (town/village: Krasna polyana)
  6. Krasno selo Municipality (town/village: Krasno selo)
  7. Kremikovtsi Municipality (town/village: Kremikovtsi)
  8. Lozenets Municipality (town/village: Lozenets)
  9. Lyulin Municipality (town/village: Lyulin)
  10. Mladost Municipality (town/village: Mladost)
  11. Nadezhda Municipality (town/village: Nadezhda)
  12. Novi Iskar Municipality (town/village: Novi Iskar)
  13. Oborishte Municipality (town/village: Oborishte)
  14. Ovcha kupel Municipality (town/village: Ovcha kupel)
  15. Pancharevo Municipality (town/village: Pancharevo)
  16. Poduyane Municipality (town/village: Poduyane)
  17. Serdika Municipality (town/village: Serdika)
  18. Slatina Municipality (town/village: Slatina)
  19. Sredets Municipality (town/village: Sredets)
  20. Studentski grad Municipality (town/village: Studentski grad)
  21. Triaditsa Municipality (town/village: Triaditsa)
  22. Vazrazhdane Municipality (town/village: Vazrazhdane)
  23. Vitosha Municipality (town/village: Vitosha)
  24. Vrabnitsa Municipality (town/village: Vrabnitsa)

Sofia Province

  1. Anton Municipality (town/village: Anton)
  2. Botevgrad Municipality (town/village: Botevgrad)
  3. Bozhurishte Municipality (town/village: Bozhurishte)
  4. Chavdar Municipality (town/village: Chavdar)
  5. Chelopech Municipality (town/village: Chelopech)
  6. Dolna Banya Municipality (town/village: Dolna Banya)
  7. Dragoman Municipality (town/village: Dragoman)
  8. Elin Pelin Municipality (town/village: Elin Pelin)
  9. Etropole Municipality (town/village: Etropole)
  10. Godech Municipality (town/village: Godech)
  11. Gorna Malina Municipality (town/village: Gorna Malina)
  12. Ihtiman Municipality (town/village: Ihtiman)
  13. Koprivshtitsa Municipality (town/village: Koprivshtitsa)
  14. Kostenets Municipality (town/village: Kostenets)
  15. Kostinbrod Municipality (town/village: Kostinbrod)
  16. Mirkovo Municipality (town/village: Mirkovo)
  17. Pirdop Municipality (town/village: Pirdop)
  18. Pravets Municipality (town/village: Pravets)
  19. Samokov Municipality (town/village: Samokov)
  20. Slivnitsa Municipality (town/village: Slivnitsa)
  21. Svoge Municipality (town/village: Svoge)
  22. Zlatitsa Municipality (town/village: Zlatitsa)

Stara Zagora Province

  1. Bratya Daskalovi Municipality (town/village: Bratya Daskalovi)
  2. Chirpan Municipality (town/village: Chirpan)
  3. Galabovo Municipality (town/village: Galabovo)
  4. Gurkovo Municipality (town/village: Gurkovo)
  5. Kazanlak Municipality (town/village: Kazanlak)
  6. Maglizh Municipality (town/village: Maglizh)
  7. Nikolaevo Municipality (town/village: Nikolaevo)
  8. Opan Municipality (town/village: Opan)
  9. Pavel Banya Municipality (town/village: Pavel Banya)
  10. Radnevo Municipality (town/village: Radnevo)
  11. Stara Zagora Municipality (town/village: Stara Zagora)

Targovishte Province

  1. Antonovo Municipality (town/village: Antonovo)
  2. Omurtag Municipality (town/village: Omurtag)
  3. Opaka Municipality (town/village: Opaka)
  4. Popovo Municipality (town/village: Popovo)
  5. Targovishte Municipality (town/village: Targovishte)

Varna Province

  1. Aksakovo Municipality (town/village: Aksakovo)
  2. Avren Municipality (town/village: Avren)
  3. Beloslav Municipality (town/village: Beloslav)
  4. Byala Municipality (town/village: Byala)
  5. Dalgopol Municipality (town/village: Dalgopol)
  6. Devnya Municipality (town/village: Devnya)
  7. Dolni Chiflik Municipality (town/village: Dolni Chiflik)
  8. Provadiya Municipality (town/village: Provadiya)
  9. Suvorovo Municipality (town/village: Suvorovo)
  10. Valchidol Municipality (town/village: Valchidol)
  11. Varna Municipality (town/village: Varna)
  12. Vetrino Municipality (town/village: Vetrino)

Veliko Tarnovo Province

A map of the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo Province
  1. Elena Municipality (town/village: Elena)
  2. Gorna Oryahovitsa Municipality (town/village: Gorna Oryahovitsa)
  3. Lyaskovets Municipality (town/village: Lyaskovets)
  4. Pavlikeni Municipality (town/village: Pavlikeni)
  5. Polski Trambesh Municipality (town/village: Polski Trambesh)
  6. Strazhitsa Municipality (town/village: Strazhitsa)
  7. Suhindol Municipality (town/village: Suhindol)
  8. Svishtov Municipality (town/village: Svishtov)
  9. Veliko Tarnovo Municipality (town/village: Veliko Tarnovo)
  10. Zlataritsa Municipality (town/village: Zlataritsa)

Vidin Province

  1. Belogradchik Municipality (town/village: Belogradchik)
  2. Boynitsa Municipality (town/village: Boynitsa)
  3. Bregovo Municipality (town/village: Bregovo)
  4. Chuprene Municipality (town/village: Chuprene)
  5. Dimovo Municipality (town/village: Dimovo)
  6. Gramada Municipality (town/village: Gramada)
  7. Kula Municipality (town/village: Kula)
  8. Makresh Municipality (town/village: Makresh)
  9. Novo Selo Municipality (town/village: Novo Selo)
  10. Ruzhintsi Municipality (town/village: Ruzhintsi)
  11. Vidin Municipality (town/village: Vidin)

Vratsa Province

  1. Borovan Municipality (town/village: Borovan)
  2. Byala Slatina Municipality (town/village: Byala Slatina)
  3. Hairedin Municipality (town/village: Hairedin)
  4. Kozloduy Municipality (town/village: Kozloduy)
  5. Krivodol Municipality (town/village: Krivodol)
  6. Mezdra Municipality (town/village: Mezdra)
  7. Miziya Municipality (town/village: Miziya)
  8. Oryahovo Municipality (town/village: Oryahovo)
  9. Roman Municipality (town/village: Roman)
  10. Vratsa Municipality (town/village: Vratsa)

Yambol Province

  1. Bolyarovo Municipality (town/village: Bolyarovo)
  2. Elhovo Municipality (town/village: Elhovo)
  3. Straldzha Municipality (town/village: Straldzha)
  4. Tundzha Municipality (town/village: Tundzha)
  5. Yambol Municipality (town/village: Yambol)

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