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Mushroom Wars is a real-time strategy game for the Playstation 3; available only for download via the Playstation Network (PSN). It was created by Creat Studios and released on October 15, 2009.

The objective of the game is typically centered around capturing villages (bases) by overwhelming the enemy in numbers. Village sizes can be increased by occupying the village with enough soldiers. Once the number of soldiers to upgrade the village size is met, the player may "spend" their soldiers like money to purchase the size upgrade. Upgrading has the advantage of holding a larger number of soldiers. A common strategy to use in the game is to fill villages that surround a target village with soldiers in preparation for the next capture.

Gameplay can take place in a campaign mode, where different mission scenarios are presented, creating a problem to solve; Skirmish, where different but straightforward battles can occur; and on-line against live opponents.

The game has an inviting, light-hearted tone. The controls are relatively simple compared to other RTS games. Gameplay is bright, cartoony, and colorful.

Gameplay is derived from the game Galcon.


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