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Central Spain includes the cultural melting pot of Madrid and Castile. A down-tempo version of jota is common, as well as other dances as fandango, habas verdes, 5/8 charrada. Bagpipes are still used in northern Leon and Zamora. Tabor pipe (in Leon) and dulzaina (shawm) enjoy rich repertoires. The city of Madrid is known for keeping its own version of chotis music. Salamanca is home to tuna, a form of serenade played on guitar, bandurria and tambourine, traditionally by students in medieval clothing.

Castilian dances include:

Leon is dominated by palatial dances that are extremely complex:

  • Baile a lo Alto
  • Baile del Pandero
  • Danza de las Doncellas Cantadoras
  • Danza de la Muerte
  • El Corrido
  • La Giraldilla
  • Los Mandiles
  • Zapateta


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