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Music of Honduras Topics
Rock Garifuna music
Bachata Matamuerte
Classical music Punta
Merengue Hip Hop
Pop Latino Cumbia
Salsa Reggae
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Central American music
Belize - Costa Rica - El Salvador - Guatemala - Honduras - Nicaragua - Panama

The music of Honduras is very varied, from Punta, the local genre of the Garifunas, to Caribbean music like salsa, merengue, reggae, and reggaeton all widely heard especially in the North, to Mexican rancheras heard in the interior, rural part of the country. The country's ancient capital of Comayagua is an important center for modern Honduran music, and is home to the College for Fine Arts [1].


Garifuna music

The Garifuna came from and escaped Island Caribs who were deported from St. Vincent to Central America (especially Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and also in Nicaragua in 1802) by the British when they conquered St. Vincent. The Garifunas kept themselves apart from the social system then dominant, leading to a distinctive culture that include chumba and hunguhungu, a circular dance in a three beat rhythm, which is often combined with punta. There are other songs typical to each gender, women having eremwu eu and abaimajani, rhythmic a cappella songs, and laremuna wadauman, men's work songs. Other forms of dance music include matadfgmuerte, gunchei, charikawi and sambai.

Popular Music

Though American music has produced most of the popular music in modern Honduras, the country has produced several well-known musicians such as; Curtis Jackson, Diablos Negros and Victors Cereal Band (A.D.N.), Delirium, Sueño Digviana, Pez Luna, Sol Caracol, Khaoticos, URANIA, Ytterbium, Karpenter's Kids, El Pez, Montuca SoundSystem and Evolucion Neutra. A few famous bands originally from Honduras are The Dung Beetles, The Fruit Loops, and Extreme Latino Rock!

Reggaeton has also been growing in popularity in recent years, and Honduras has emerged as a leading producer of artists. Notable artists include Raggamofin Killas, El Pueblo and DJ Sy.

Music Institutions

There is a Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Honduras (a national orchestra) and the College for Fine Arts, located in Comayagua


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