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Music has always been part of the Albanian and Serbian cultures in Kosovo.

In Kosovo, along with modern music, folk music is the most popular. There are many folk singers and ensembles. The multicultural ensemble is Shota. Classical music is also well known in Kosovo. The modern music in Kosovo has its origin in the Western countries. The main modern genres include: Pop, Hip hop, Rap[1], Rock and Jazz.

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Albanian music in Kosovo

It is characterized by use of çiftelia (an authentic Albanian instrument), mandolin, mandola and percussion. The most notable Albanian rock bands are: Gjurmët, Diadema,Toxin, Purgatory, Troja, Votra, Humus, Asgjë Sikur Dielli, Kthjellu, Cute Babulja, Babilon, etc. Armend Xhaferi - Jazz Guitarist, Bajram Istrefi Jr. - Jazz Drummer, Ilir Bajri is a notable jazz and electronic musician.

Sabri Fejzullahu, Leonora Jakupi, Ilir Shaqiri, Nora Istrefi, Gentiana Ismajli and Adelina Ismajli, Teuta Blaka are some of the most popular commercial singers in Kosovo today.

The representative of folk music from Kosovo is the folk group Shota, with top singer Shkurte Fejza and the representative of Muzika e lehte shqipe is Shkëlzen Jetishi, the music group Agimi and many more groups.

Serbian music in Kosovo

Serbian music from Kosovo presents a mixture of traditional music[2], which is part of the wider Balkan tradition, with its own distinctive sound, and various Western and Turkish influences. Serb songs from Kosovo were an inspiration for 12th song wreath (sr. Руковет) by composer Stevan Mokranjac. Mara Djordjević was a famous singer of Serbian folk songs from Kosmet. Nowadays, Jordan Nikolić sings songs from this territory.

Roma music in Kosovo

Roma music from Kosovo presents a mixture of Albanian[3], Macedonian or Serbian[4] songs with oriental rhythm or in so called Tallava, a sort of old Balkan Rap music.


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RTK is the television channel applying for EBU membership . RTK wishes to enter Kosovo for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.[5][6][7] Kosovo would be making their Eurovision Song Contest debut in 2010 at best if Kosovo joins the EBU. However this is controversial because Russia and some other participating countries didn't recognise the unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo's Parliament, therefore they could reject Kosovo's EBU membership. However Kosovo is eligible to join as stated by the EBU.[8]

According to the Kosovar newspaper Koha Ditore, a future entry would be selected via a national final called Akordet e Kosovës, a former pop show that had been taken off the air some years ago.[9][10]

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