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Music of Russia:

Finn-Ugric and Baltic music

Genres Bards - Classical music - Hip hop - Jazz - Opera - Rock
Awards MTV Russia Music Awards
Festivals Bard Music Festival
National anthem "National Anthem of Russia"
Finno-Ugric music
Estonia - Finland (Karelia - Lapland) - Hungary - Khantia-Mansia - Komi Republic - Mari El - Mordovia - Nenetsia - Udmurtia
Russian regions and ethnicities
Adygea - Altai - Astrakhan - Bashkortostan - Buryatia - Belarusian - Chechnya - Chukotka - Chuvashia - Dagestan - Evenkia - Ingushetia - Irkutsk - Kaliningrad - Kalmykia - Kamchatka - Karelia - Khakassia - Khantia-Mansia - Komi Republic - Krasnodar - Mari El - Mordovia - Nenetsia - Ossetia - Rostov - Ethnic Russian - Sakha - Sakhalin - Tatarstan - Tuva - Udmurtia - Ukrainian

The music of Mordovia has a long history. Mordovia is a federal subject of Russia (a republic). Its national anthem is "Shumbrat, Mordovia!" (Hail, Mordovia!) by Sergey Kinyakin and Nina Kosheleva, adopted in 1995.

Mordovian folk music has become an inspiration for revivalist work of contemporary groups, such as Toorama. Bakich Vidiai is an Erzya pop singer.

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