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MyTwoCensus' logo
Formation February 2009
Purpose/focus Monitor 2010 U.S. Census
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Official languages English
Founder Stephen Robert Morse
Affiliations Non-partisan
Website MyTwoCensus

MyTwoCensus is an unofficial, non-partisan, political watchdog group for the 2010 U.S. Census, created in February 2009.[1] It tracks topics such as the constitutionality of including illegal immigrants in the census.[2] The group was created by journalist Stephen Robert Morse, a freelance journalist from San Francisco, California, initially as a project to identify reasons why the 2010 Census would be a controversial process. Morse later won a grant through a part-time fellowship with the Phillips Foundation.[3] Morse first developed the idea as he was on Cragslist, looking for an additional job in San Francisco. After further research, Morse and friend Evan Goldin created the group's website and blog, in order to provide unofficial oversight for the U.S. Census Bureau.[4] At the site, MyTwoCensus reports on the Obama Administration's handling of the census. MyTwoCensus is headed by three journalists: Morse, Goldin, and Michelle Dubert. Morse has said that he utilizes Google News, and attends census worker recruitment sessions in his reporting.[5] In 2009, MyTwoCensus discovered that the U.S. Census Bureau had supposedly paid the delivery company FedEx several million dollars over time to mail documents that were not time-sensitive. The group publicized the findings after a census worker wrote to the website questioning the bureau's use of "priority overnight delivery".[6] The group has been critical of both Republicans and Democrats for their handling of 2010 Census operations, including Robert M. Groves, the current Director of the United States Census Bureau. MyTwoCensus has been mentioned in both right-wing and left-wing publications, such as that of Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin[7] and the more Liberal magazine, Mother Jones.[8] In March 2010, the site added a community message board operated through the social-networking site, Ning. Though most reports are authored by Morse himself, other journalists, including Emily Babay and Emily Schultheis of The Daily Pennsylvanian and Laura Masnerus (formerly of The New York Times) have written for the site as well.[9]


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