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My Balls
MyBalls CoverPage.jpg
Lesser Devil Elyse is shown in the cover of the first chapter of the manga.
(Ore Tama)
Genre Romantic comedy, fantasy
Author Shigemitsu Harada
Illustrator Takahiro Seguchi
Publisher Japan Hakusensha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Animal Arashi
Original run November 2006 – ongoing
Volumes 4
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My Balls (オレたま Ore Tama?) is a Japanese manga written by Shigemitsu Harada (also author of Yuria 100 Shiki, published in Young Animal magazine[1]), and illustrated by Takahiro Seguchi. The manga began serialization in Hakusensha's manga magazine Young Animal Arashi in November 2006. The first tankōbon was released on August 29, 2007, and as of December 27, 2009, thirty-nine chapters have been serialized along with five bonus chapters.



The fate of the world rests in one man's testicles. In a freak sealing accident, the Queen of Terror is sealed into Satou Kohta's testicles, thus preventing her from reigning destruction onto the world. However, a lesser devil, Elyse, who was with the Queen of Terror on Earth is determined to release the Queen at all costs. The only way to do so is to make Kohta ejaculate, and Elyse only has thirty days to do it.


Main characters

Satou Kohta (佐藤航太 Satō Kōta?)
Kohta is a nineteen-year-old part timer, and a virgin, masochist, with no girlfriend. On July 1, he drunkenly urinates when he is between a battle between the Queen of Terror and an angel, who accidentally seals the Queen of Terror in Kohta's right ball (while attempting to seal the Queen in a different type of holy ball). Although Kohta wants to protect humanity, his willpower is questionable and he becomes aroused by virtually anything, up to, including and sometimes surpassing physical and mental abuse. He has stated he will like any girl when he hears her voice, but has a deep infatuation for his co-worker Minayo, with whom he has an on/off relationship, mostly due to the influence of devils. Because he is almost constantly being attacked by devils bent on sexually assaulting him, he signs a contract with the Lesser Devil Elyse to prevent the Queen from escaping, although he is generally oblivious to both Elyse's infatuation with him and her own sexual experimentation with his body, which she does while he sleeps. He later breaks up with Minayo as he realized he fell in love with Elyse.
Elyse (エリス Erisu?)
Elyse is a Lesser Devil assigned to assist the Queen of Terror in destroying the human race. When an angel seals the Queen of Terror in Kohta’s right ball, her mission is to make Kohta ejaculate to free the queen, but she fails because she is sexually inexperienced and explicit activities disgust and scare her. She cannot return to Hell until the Queen of Terror is released, but eventually abandons this mission and joins forces with Kohta in of fear of punishment for her failures should the Queen ever get out. She is in love with Kohta and is highly jealous of Minayo, but generally attempts to hide her jealousy. Elyse makes a contract with Kohta to help him escape the multitudes of tempting scenarios that occur, both to save herself from the Queen's wrath and because she strongly desires to keep Kohta to herself. The contract also means Elyse "owns" Kohta's soul; as a result, Elyse can control Kohta when he is unconscious, which she usually uses to sexually gratify herself with Kohta's unconscious body. After preventing the Queen's release for the month, she and Kohta now are trying to get Elyse to be human so God will protect her when the Queen is finally released, which happens when a demon falls in love, however despite admitting she loves him, she is still a demon. While most devils are quite voluptuous, Elyse is less "developed;" it is implied in a bonus chapter that this is related to her Lesser Devil rank and that she would develop a similar body type to other devils upon being promoted to a full devil. She has a tsundere personality.

Supporting Characters

Minayo Aizawa (相沢美奈与 Aizawa Minayo?)
Minayo is Kohta's co-worker and a college student, who is the recent object of Kohta's affections. Her personality is quite chirpy, but she is inwardly a nymphomaniac, and her frequent drinking causes this behavior to become predominant. This is the source of many close calls for Kohta, although Elyse generally tries to intervene as she is intensely jealous of Kohta's desire for Minayo. They get back together when she tells Kohta, that he is the only person for her, because he is the only person who's been nice to her after seeing her drunk, as her drinking has interfered with her personal life many times. However, he asks her to break up with him, as he states he has fallen in love with someone else (Elyse). She later cuts off her hair to where it is just right below her ears and shows to still care for Kohta, stating he can come back to her if she (Elyse) turns him down. Even when Elyse takes him away after paying for what she just bought (stating she will take him as well), Minayo looks at the money she was given and comments on how she probably gave him away too cheaply.
Old Man
This is the angel that inadvertently sealed the Queen into Kohta's balls, while trying to seal it into a Crystal Ball. He tells Kohta about his fate for the next month with a blush on his face, but was reduced to a homeless bum since he used all of his power alone to seal the Queen. It has been revealed that the old man was the leader of heavens armies, the Archangel Michael.
The Boss
The unnamed boss of the convenience store at which Minayo and Kohta work is a pervert who enjoys talking about sexual matters and going to bathhouses looking for prostitutes. He apparently has been in trouble with the law multiple times for this, as he seems unconcerned when he gets Kohta and himself arrested in a prostitution bust.


Devils are the opposite of Angels; scions of Hell bent on destroying the Earth. While Devils are quite powerful and possess many magical powers, they are not strong enough to destroy and take over the Earth without the Queen of Terror's unique powers, and would be obliterated along with humanity if they attempted to fight without the Queen's particular brand of magic. While not explicitly stated, no male devils have been seen and most of the Devils seen take the form of voluptuous females bent on using their individual powers to sexually assault Kohta. Every devil has a pentagram on her body, which is the source of her power. If this pentagram is touched the devil's powers are weakened.
Lady Emanniel (エマニエル Emanieru?)
The Queen of Terror and main antagonist who has been sealed in Kohta's balls. After impatiently waiting until the time when demons will rule the Earth again, she enlists Lesser Devil Elyse to come down and help her destroy the human race. She currently resides in the unspent semen inside of Kohta's right ball. When Kohta is in a deep sleep, she is able to infiltrate his dreams. Her magical powers vastly outstrip that of all other devils as they cannot hope to successfully destroy humanity without her assistance.
Irene the Succubus (アイリン Airin?)
Irene is a succubus from Hell, who initially arrives to free Lady Emanniel. Like most succubus, she has a special power where she stores magic power in her eyes and rapes men with her eyes. Unlike most of the devils, she succeeds in causing Kohta to release his semen, although due to circumstances still fails to release the queen. However, because succubus are generally lustful, she gives up her mission to engage in intercourse with as many men on Earth as she can, which she would not be able to do if humanity were destroyed.
Ares the Reaper
Ares is a "reaper" and as such has a very large scythe which she uses in an attempt to kill Kohta. The reason for this is that by dying, Kohta would release all of his bodily fluids, which would include his semen and Lady Emmaniel with it. She fails due to Elyse's intervention.
Marie the Vampire
Marie is a vampire who has been sent to Earth to free Lady Emanniel by extracting her from Kohta's balls with her fangs, bypassing any need to sexually arouse him. However, because of a previous incident where Elyse kicked Kohta in the balls, they retreated into his body. Like most vampires, she is easily defeated by a cross and a bulb of garlic.
Ash the Invisible
Ash is a devil with the ability to turn invisible by using her magic powers. She uses this ability to attempt to rape Kohta while invisible. She fails due to Minayo's intervention.
Ariel the Fallen Angel
Ariel, the "Black Cupid" has powers similar to that of "Cupid," only instead of her arrows making someone fall in love, they stimulate an intense passion for sex. She is tricked by Kohta with a mixture condensed milk and lotion (to make fake semen). She later uses her arrow to affect Minayo, but Elyse uses her power to neutralize the effect of the arrow before any harm could be done.
Isabella the Dead
Isabella is a zombie, because of that she can control her body parts even if the are separated from her body. She tries to make Kohta ejaculate by making him swallow her finger and using it to stimulate his prostate while having sex at the same time, but a dog took her arm and allowed Kohta to escape. Kohta found it disturbing to have sex with her, seeing it as necrophilia.
Baphomet the Great Devil
Baphomet is a Great Devil of Hell, that claims to have more experience than other woman because she's a hermaphrodite. Kohta ended up defeating her with his own techniques, along with Irene's help.
Beelzebub and Asmodai
Beelzebub and Asmodai are demon queens. Beelzebub is the Lord of the Flies, and thus has the ability to control flies. Asmodai is a sheeplike demon. In the hell Beelzebub attempts to use her flies to make Kohta cum, but they fails due to the scream of a mandrake. Kohta makes an escape with the help of Archangel Michael. Later they kidnap Minayo and blackmail Kohta, to release Lady Emmaniel. Then Elyse arrives and offer to make Kohta come. They fail because the impatience of Asmodai and the holy barrier, that are placed around Kohta's privates. Their next plan is to use humans to make Kohta cum. They threaten to destroy the city if they don't do as demons say. This plan fails because of a leech and Elyse's intervention.
Later on, Beelzebub is purified when she tries to make Kohta cum by having sex, and Asmodai is defeated by the Old Man, who returns to Archangel form.
Duel the Doppelgänger
Duel is a Doppelgänger, who has the power to change her appearance. She has strong magic power. She attempts to make Kohta come without even touching him using her powers, but fails due to Elyse's intervention.
Minotaurus and Lamia
They attack Kohta with adults toys because they can't touch him. They fail because Kohta isn't a virgin anymore.
Later, they are purified by Kohta, as Minotaurus is penetrated and Lamia happens to suck his penis.
The Demon Lord Satan
Satan (also known as Lucifer, the Fallen Angel) is the "leader" of Hell along with the Queen of Terror. While classically described as male, in the manga, Satan is female, who has both the power of light and darkness in her. Michael the Archangel describes her as a nymphomaniac and sexual expert who, as an the boss of the angels, used her position to sexually harass her "employees." Satan arrives as part of the final "battle", raping Kohta while he desperately tries to avoid releasing the Queen. She later becomes trapped inside his right ball like Emanniel after cleaver plan by Kohta. However she was later able to escape after he came, but she had to fight Emanniel to get out as there wasn't enough strength in the release. She nearly got him to cum again but was stopped by the Old Man.

Volume listing

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1 August 29, 2007 ISBN 978-4-59-214411-3 [2]
  • 1st Ball: That, Already?! (いきなりそんな!? Ikinari sonna!??)
  • 2nd Ball: I Can See Them...!? (見えてますけど…!? Miete masu kedo...!??)
  • 3rd Ball: It Hurts, But It Feels Good! (イタ気持ちいい!! Ita kimochi ii!!?)
  • 4th Ball: In My Dreams!? (夢の中まで!? Yume no naka made!??)
  • 5th Ball: A New Assassin!?
  • 6th Ball: A Happy Shriek!?
  • 7th Ball: In A Pinch!
  • 8th Ball: That's Not Good!
2 March 28, 2008 ISBN 978-4-59-214412-0 [3]
  • 9th Ball: Shit, I Did It!
  • 10th Ball: A... A Contract!?
  • 11th Ball: I'm Glad, But Oh Shi-!?
  • 12th Ball: In Dreams, We Fight!
  • 13th Ball: My Balls Are In Danger, Maybe...!?
  • 14th Ball: Many Dangers...!?
  • Extra Ball: Memory Lapse...!?
  • Special Ball: Indecent Angel...!?
3 September 29, 2008 ISBN 978-4-59-214413-7 [4]
  • 15th Ball: An Invisible, But Pleasant Sensation...!?
  • 16th Ball: Watching The Balls...!?
  • 17th Ball: A Perverse Cupid?
  • 18th Ball: She's Gonna Watch!?
  • 19th Ball: A Ridiculous Attack!?
  • 20th Ball: Exam Time
  • Special Ball 1: Watashi no asoko ni...!? (私のアソクに…!??)
  • Special Ball 2: Yume no tame ni... gaman!! (夢のために…ガマン!!?)
4 June 29, 2009 ISBN 978-4-592-14414-4 [5]
  • 21st Ball: Advanced Techniques!? (テクニック上達!? Tekunikku jōtatsu!??)
  • 22nd Ball: Can't You Endure!? (ガマン出来んのか!? Gaman dekin no ka!??)
  • 23rd Ball: Don't Be So Hard On My Hard-on!! (ツボを責めないで〜!!?)
  • 24th Ball: A Sexy Battle Begins! (性戦が始まる!!?)
  • 25th Ball: This Is Too Much!! (これはヤリ過ぎだ〜!!?)
  • 26th Ball: Give Me A Break...! (勘弁してください…!!?)
  • 27th Ball: In A Bind With Minayo!! (美奈与ちゃんピンチ!!?)
  • Special Ball: Ikenai tenshi san again (いけない天使さんAGAIN♥?)
5 January 2010 ISBN 978-4-592-14415-1 [6]
6 April 2010 ISBN 978-4-592-14416-8 [7]

Chapters not yet in tankōbon format

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume.

  • 28th Ball: She's Right In Front Of Me!?
  • 29th Ball: Finally Kohta's Virginity Will Be...!
  • 30th Ball: I Dream Of Geisha!?
  • 31st Ball: Sex Attacks From Another Dimension!?
  • 32nd Ball: Giving Out Sex Orders!?
  • 33rd Ball: I'm Ready To Burst... Taking Sex Head On
  • 34th Ball: It Feels So Good
  • 35th Ball: Happiness, Sadness; And... Love!?
  • 36th Ball: For Love...!?
  • 37th Ball: Trying, To Say It Honestly...!!
  • 38th Ball: Boobs x Self-control!!
  • 39th Ball: What's Wrong With Being Tsundere?
  • Extra Ball: An Angel Leads Him Down The Path Of Perversion (天使さんが導くヘンタイ道♥ Tenshi san ga michibiku hentai michi?)
  • Extra Ball: Tama wo nukareta otoko no ko!? (タマを抜かれた男の子 lit. A boy who had his balls pulled out!??)


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