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My Mom's New Boyfriend

DVD poster
Directed by George Gallo
Written by George Gallo
Starring Antonio Banderas
Meg Ryan
Colin Hanks
Selma Blair
Trevor Morgan
Release date(s) 30 April 2008 (Spain)
Running time 97 min.
Country Germany
United States
Language English

My Mom's New Boyfriend is a 2008 romantic comedy film starring Colin Hanks, Antonio Banderas, Selma Blair, and Meg Ryan. The film received a limited theatrical international release, it was released straight-to-DVD on June 17, 2008 in the United States. Its running time is 97 minutes. In the UK this film is called "My Spy".


FBI agent Henry Durand is left caring for his mother Marty (Meg Ryan) since his father died in jail.He goes on a secret mission for FBI ,and when he returns after three years, finds his mother completely transformed from what he had left. She had lost weight and started dating again and had many boyfriends. Henry himself had got engaged with Emily who too was a field agent at FBI and had come to live with him. Henry found himself very uneasy with his newly transformed mother and was very protective about her. He confided his worries in his fiancée Emily who didn't find anything unusual in Marty's behavior.While having a walk with Henry and Emily, Marty accidentally bumped into Tommy Lucero (Antonio Banderas) who asked the trio for a dinner with him at an old Albanian Restaurant on the coming weekend, which they accepted,although Henry didn't look very much happy with it.The romance between Marty and Tommy progressed. Henry meanwhile is informed that Tommy is suspected of being the leader of an art theft ring. Along with his fellow agents, Henry must spy on his mother around the clock.many uncomfortable situations arise for Henry as he had to listen the conversations between his mother and her new boyfriend, even the very intimate ones. Finally, Tommy is betrayed by his gang members and they shot him in the chest and left him in the museum while stealing a rare art piece. He survives because of a bullet-proof jacket he was wearing and is later caught by Henry and Emily. Tommy Reveals upon them that his real name is Tomas Martinez and he is with the CIA following the art thieves gang from Rome and Paris which stole the artefacts to fund the terrorist operation and the gang members who betrayed him would attack Marty . The trio reaches the Durand house and rescues Marty. The movie ends with the family reuniting where Tommy kisses Marty and Henry kisses Emily.



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