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Sorry for Partyin'
Studio album by Bowling for Soup
Released October 12, 2009
(see release history)
Recorded January–March 2009
Austin, Texas
Genre Pop punk
Length 50:02
65:56 (U.S. Deluxe Digital Download)
65:40 (U.K. Edition)
53:23 (Japanese Edition)
Label Jive/RCA
Producer Linus of Hollywood, Jaret Reddick
Professional reviews
Bowling for Soup chronology
Bowling for Soup: Live and Very Attractive
Sorry for Partyin'
Merry Flippin' Christmas (Volume 1)
Singles from Sorry for Partyin'
  1. "My Wena"
    Released: July 28, 2009
  2. "No Hablo Inglés"
    Released: 2009
Alternate Cover
U.K. Anticipated Cover, used as sleeve in HMV

Sorry for Partyin' is Bowling for Soup's seventh studio album. It was released on October 12, 2009. It debuted at #104 on the Billboard Top 200 and #47 on Rock albums.[4]



The band began working on the album in January 2009[5] in Austin, Texas by working with people like Linus of Hollywood, Scott Reynolds, Tony Scalzo, Parry Gripp and Kim Shattuck.[6][7] The band recorded for over a month recording 18 tracks and finished recording in early March 2009.[6][8] Afterward, the band left Austin to record the B-sides for the album in their hometown.

Bowling for Soup recorded 27 songs for the album as of June 2009.[9] On August 8, Jaret posted on twitter that the band had enough songs for a double album, but will only be putting 12-14 of those songs onto this album.

In promotion for the album, the band will embark on a tour entitled the "Party in Your Pants Tour."[10] The tour currently only has dates scheduled in the UK beginning on October 17, 2009 in Glasgow and ending on October 29, 2009 in London.[10]

Track listing

Track Title Writer(s) Length
1. "A Really Cool Dance Song"   Jaret Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 3:44
2. "No Hablo Inglés"   Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 3:30
3. "My Wena"   Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 2:49
4. "Only Young"   Reddick, Sam Hollander, Dave Katz 3:46
5. "I Don't Wish You Were Dead Anymore"   Reddick, Tony Scalzo 2:45
6. "BFFF"   Reddick 3:51
7. "Me With No You"   Reddick, Zac Maloy 3:43
8. "Hooray for Beer"   Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 3:26
9. "America (Wake Up Amy)" (featuring Scott Reynolds and Parry Gripp) Reddick 3:25
10. "If Only"   Reddick 3:39
11. "I Gotchoo"   Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 3:43
12. "Love Goes Boom"   Reddick, Maloy 4:08
13. "I Can't Stand L.A."   Reddick 3:50
14. "Belgium Polka" (hidden track on US edition; featuring Brave Combo) Reddick 3:35
U.S. Deluxe Digital Download
Track Title Writer(s) Length
15. "I Just Wanna Be Loved"     4:19
16. "Choke"     4:12
17. "Everything to Me"     3:53
U.S. Deluxe Digital Download
Track Title Writer(s) Length
15. "I Just Wanna Be Loved"     4:19
16. "Choke"     4:12
17. "Everything to Me"     3:53
18. "Reality" (bonus track on only[11])   3:30
U.K. Edition
Track Title Writer(s) Length
15. "I Just Wanna Be Loved"     4:19
16. "Walk of Shame"     3:56
17. "Amateur Night"     3:50
18. "I Gotchoo (Other Version)"   Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 3:33
Japanese Edition
Track Title Writer(s) Length
15. "My Girlfriend Sucks"     3:21


Track Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Amateur Night[12]" (Bowling for Soup decided to give out a new song titled "Amateur Night" for free on their street team site for a limited time. When opened with iTunes the album comes up as Sorry For B-sides. Also available on the U.K. version of the album)   3:52
2. "I'll Always Remember You (That Way)" (released as part of the My Wena EP)   3:40
3. "Goodbye Friend" (released as part of the My Wena EP. The song was also made available as a free download on the band's official online store in memory of Jeff "FFroe" Roe from December 17-18, 2009)   3:51
4. "Girl All The Bad Guys Want (Acoustic Version)" (from Sorry For Partyin' Instant Downloads when you pre-order the CD from the band's website)   3:35
5. "My Wena (Acoustic)" (from Sorry For Partyin' Instant Downloads when you pre-order the CD from the band's website)   2:43
6. "Mediocre" (demo featured in Reddick's fifth podcast) Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 3:11


My Wena

"My Wena" is the first single from the album. The single was first previewed on May 5, 2009, on the Lex and Terry show. A music video for the song was filmed and the video was released on July 21, 2009.[13] The song was released to iTunes on July 28, 2009.[14] A clean version of "My Wena" was released on the band's official YouTube page on August 28, 2009.[15]

My Wena EP
Track Title Writer(s) Length
1. "My Wena"   Reddick, Linus of Hollywood 2:49
2. "I'll Always Remember You (That Way)"     3:40
3. "Goodbye Friend"     3:51

No Hablo Inglés

"No Hablo Inglés" is the first official single from Sorry for Partyin'. It was first premiered to members on the BFS Army site to those who had contributed, the page claims this is the first single.[16]

Release history

Country Date
United Kingdom October 12, 2009[17]
United States October 13, 2009[18]
Japan October 14, 2009[19]


Bowling for Soup:

  • Jaret Reddick — sings & plays guitar
  • Erik Chandler — plays bass & sings
  • Chris Burney — plays guitar & sings
  • Gary Wiseman — plays drums
  • BFS crew
Dave "Termite Dave" Hale - Tour Manager/ baby sitter. Tony "T-Ride" Gattone - Guitar/ Bass Tech/ sandwich artist. Jacob "Pinky" Henry - Stage Manager/ Monitors/ Drum Tech/ funny hats. Blake Hunt - Merch and breath of fresh air. Wayne Neil - driver/ swell guy/ Australian. Sherman - is a dog.
  • Produced by Linus of Hollywood & Jarret Reddick; Engineered by Peter McCabe at Wire Recording Studio, Austin, TX; Asissted by Joey Benjamin; Studio Assistant: Will Krienke; Studio Interns: Matt Ralls & Kent Chandler; "No Hablo Inglés" Engineered by Casey Diiorio at Valve Studios, Dallas, TX; Additional Recording at Valve Studios, Dallas, TX and Kingsize Soundlabs, Los Angeles
  • Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Mix L.A.; Assistant Mix Engineers: Keith Armstrong, Nik Karpen; Additional Mix Engineering: Brad Townsend, Andrew Schubert
  • Mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, NYC
  • Additional musicians:
Linus of Hollywood: Additional Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Gang Vocals, Fart Noises and Percussion; Tony Scalzo: Piano & Organ on "BFFF;" Piano on "If Only" and "I Don't Wish You Were Dead Anymore;" Scott Reynolds: Chorus Vox "America (Wake Up Amy);" Parry Gripp: Sang "America (Wake Up Amy);" Gang Vocals on "Only Young" and "Hooray for Beer;" Zac Maloy: Sweet-ass Backing Vocals at the end of "Love Goes Boom"
  • A&R: Teresa LaBarbera Whites; Booking: Andy Somers at The Agency Group; Management: Mike Swinford for Rainmaker Artists; Legal: Mike McKoy at Serling Rooks & Ferrara
  • Band Photography by Jason Janik; Additional Photography by Peter McCabe (page 5 band insert), Brad Bond (page 2) and Joshua Marc Levy (pages 4–5, 8)
  • Package Art Direction & Design by Joshua Marc Levy and Brad Bond, 15th Anniversary Cake Illustration by Steven Ray Brown.


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