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Mycobacterium psychrotolerans
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Bacteria
Phylum: Actinobacteria
Order: Actinomycetales
Suborder: Corynebacterineae
Family: Mycobacteriaceae
Genus: Mycobacterium
Species: M. psychrotolerans
Binomial name
Mycobacterium psychrotolerans
Trujillo et al. 2004, DSM 44697

Mycobacterium psychrotolerans is a rapidly growing mycobacterium first isolated from pond water near a uranium mine in Spain. It was able to grow at 4C and is therefore considered to be psychrotolerant. Etymology: psychros cold; tolerans tolerating; psychrotolerans cold-tolerating).




Colony characteristics

  • Smooth, entire, bright orange, scotochromogenic colonies appear after 2 days in GYEA, Bennett’s and nutrient agars.


  • Growth on Lowenstein–Jensen agar is moderate.
  • No growth occurs on MacConkey agar.
  • Grows at 4–37C and tolerates 7% NaCl.
  • The type strain is resistant to ampicillin, cefuroxime, cloxacillin, erythromycin, penicillin and polymyxin. Sensitive to ciprofloxacin, gentamicin, neomycin and oxytetracycline.

Differential characteristics

  • Growth at 4C.


  • First isolated from an environmental source, not known to be pathogenic.

Type Strain

  • The type strain was isolated from a pond in Salamanca, Spain.
  • Strain WA101 = DSM 44697 = JCM 13323 = LMG 21953


  • Trujillo M.E.,et al., 2004. Mycobacterium psychrotolerans sp. nov., isolated from pond water near a uranium mine. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol., 54, 1459-1463. PMID 15388695


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