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Mykola Lebed (Ukrainian: Микола Лебідь) (AKA: Maksym Ruban, Marko or, Yevhen Skyrba) (born 1909 in Galicia, died July 18 1998 in Pittsburgh, PA, USA) was a Ukrainian political activist and Ukrainian nationalist guerrilla fighter.


Born in Galicia Austria-Hungary, Lebed completed his studies in his hometown, which although currently is in Ukraine, during the Interbellum was part of the Second Polish Republic. In 1930-32 he took an active part in setting up youth groups of OUN in the area around Lviv. From 1932-34 he directed communications between the Ukrainian Executive and the Foreign Command of the OUN. In 1934 he participated in the preparation of the assassination of the Polish Minister of Internal Affairs B. Pieracki. After the assassination he hid for a time in Germany, but was handed over to the Polish authorities. During the Warsaw Process (1934-36) he was given the death penalty which was later commuted to life imprisonment. He escaped from prison in August 1939. In 1940 during the internal conflict that erupted within the OUN he supported Stepan Bandera, and in 1941 became his assistant. In June 1941 he was one of the functionaries in the Ukrainian government of Yaroslav Stetsko. He was once again arrested by the Germans.

In 1941-43 he organized three conferences for the OUN. In 1941-44 it is alleged that he was one of the main architects of the Massacres of Poles in Volhynia[1], a brutal action aimed at Polish civilians, in which up to 100,000 were murdered. Lebed proposed the ethnic cleansing [2]. According to Taras Bulba-Borovets, Lebed, among others, imposed a collective death sentence on all Poles in Western Ukraine[3]. The order to murder all Poles was probably taken in the fall of 1942 by the OUN-B Provid, headed by Lebed [4]. Furthermore, Lebed ordered murders of leaders of several leaders of other Ukrainian groups [5].

Up until 1943 he was active in the formation of the UPA. He was the head of the Security Service for the UPA, which committed acts of terror against civilians and non-civilians, and their families, alleged to have served either the German or the Soviet forces occupying Western Ukraine during and after World War II. In this capacity it also played a role in the ethnic cleansing of the Polish population living in Western Ukraine. The Sluzhba Bezpeky's methods mirrored those of the Gestapo or the NKVD[4].

In 1942 he was a participant in the 3rd Special Conference of the OUN, and headed the head council and the delegate for external contacts of the Direction of the OUN. In 1944 he became one of the founders of the UHVR and the general Secretary of International Policies of the UHVR. At the recommendation of the UHVR he travelled to the West where he contacted various Western governments. In 1948 he became a member of the OUN (Diaspora). From 1949 he lived in the United States, in spite of being regarded as a war criminal and Nazi collaborator [5].



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