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This is a Korean name; the family name is Myung and Jae-Ok is a generation name.
Myung Jae-Ok

Myung Jae-Ok
Korean name
Hangul 명재옥
Hanja 明在玉
Revised Romanization Myeong Jae-Ok
McCune–Reischauer Myŏng Chae-Ok

Myung Jae-Ok (Hangul: 명재옥) was born in Jeollanam-do, South-Korea in 1938. He studied hapkido with his younger twin brother Myung Jae-Nam. Myung Jae-Ok played an important role in his younger brother's organization for a while. The two brothers later went their own separate ways and Myung Jae-Ok founded his own martial art which he called Hoi Jeon Moo Sool.

Myung Jae-Ok wrote several books about Hoi Jeon Moo Sool and travels the world to promote his martial art. He lives in Incheon.



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