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Mz Fontaine is the stage name of lesbian rapper Naomi Romeo. She was born in Guyana (South America) June 1978 and moved to London in 1992.

Mz Fontaine has been nominated for the Stonewall 2007 Entertainer Of The Year [1] award.

Her first album New Era was released in 2003. Her second album Spoken Thoughts is due for release in late 2007.

Tick Tock has been featured on Showtime leading lesbian series The L Word and in the 2007 London Fashion Week.

She has made appearances on Channel 4's show Gay To Z; a show aimed at gay teenagers, on Fast train to Fool City aimed at young people involved in gun crime and has made appearances on You Don't Know Me raising awareness of homophobic violence.

In March 2007 Mz Fontaine embarked on the US HomoRevolution Tour. She was appointed Patron of Pride London in summer 2006, the youngest and only Black patron.

British Singer/Rapper Mz Fontaine is a cut above the rest. Starting her career over five years ago she has the talent, drive and determination to maintain her status as a proclaimed star, priding herself on achieving her goals.

Originally a native Guyanese she had shown interest in the entertainment sector from childhood. Coming from a musical background her first performance was at the tender age of five, accompanied by her mother she performed at the very prestigious and national “Cultural Centre” in the city of Georgetown Guyana.

On arrival to London in 1992 Mz Fontaine has grown from strength to strength. Accomplishing a great deal, from the release of two albums to giving back to her community.

To Date Setting up and being awarded funding to run music workshops for the young people of the London Borough Of Brent.

Release of the new Spoken Thoughts March 10 on independent label Foundation Entertainment.

Live performance for Hackney council’s Mayor and representatives in the fight against hate crime throughout the borough.

Performance for LGBT history month in February at The Dill Hall theatre to celebrate the achievements of the LGBT community. 2007 Embarking on the United States’ first “Homo Revolution” Gay Hip Hop tour touching on cities across the South from Los Angeles to Dallas.

Distribution to schools across the UK, the Recording of the documentary “Fast Train To Fool City” for the London Borough of Lambeth in aid to fight gun crime among young people.

Airing and recording of Channel 4’s education documentary “Gay To Z” to educate communities and to empower LGBT young people.

Assisted in running HipHop workshops “Beyond Da Box” at The Contact Theatre in Manchester teaching young participants rhythm, timing, writing and flow construction.

2006 Opening act for “Stacy Ann-Chinn for London Borough of Camden’s Black History Month celebration at the Shaw Theatre.

Headline performer at the “PARADISO” Amsterdam in aid of World Aids Day.

Touring the UK performing at “Pride” festivals from Brighton to London.

Being made Patron of London Pride Festival, alongside Elton John and Rhona Cameron.

Debut performance in the United States at “Portland Black Pride” festival. Along with appearances on local radio and local press.

Performing alongside Skunk Anansie for the launch of global website “Gaydar Girls”

Debut airing of the video for the single “If Sumday” on nation television across the UK.

2005 Launch of the official website Mz to expand fan base.

Release of debut album “New Era” on independent label Foundation Entertainment.

Debut performance in New York City at the “Pepper Lounge”.

European performance tours touching Estonia, France and Norway

2004 Performance at Croatia’s Queer Zagreb festival.

Live appearance in Bruges Belgium.

Live appearance in Berne Amsterdam.

2003 The filming and airing for German Hip Hop documentary with Kobalt Production.

Live appearance in London Astoria for the National Lesbian Beauty Contest Final.

2002 Performance at the “London Jazz Café” in London alongside local Hip Hop bank.

A truly poetic artist touching on Soul to R&B to Hip Hop to plain spoken words Mz Fontaine stands as a musical exploration into the world of love, pain, life and politics. Her sound is a compilation of personal thoughts that will easily be incorporated into the life of the every day listener. With her mother being her greatest influence from an early age other talented artist include Michele Jackson, Tina Turner, Jim Reeves, Billy Holiday, Nat King Cole and many more soulful Motown greats. Late teens brought the Hip Hop influence into her life with artists such as Public Enemy, LL Cool J, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Bone Thugs and many more including Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Rah Digga and Queen Latifah.

What People are saying

““Mz Fontaine’s amazing … a sample of her “Street Dreamz”… That’s incredible”” – Amanda’s Jam 90.7fm Portland – Portland, Oregon, United States July 2006

““Let’s take another song off the album “knocking” this is a great song cus we know where this is going…”” – Simon Le Vans Gaydar Radio – London UK February 2006

Mz Fontaine… is the most exciting British import since metro sexual power couple David Beckham and Posh Spice took New York by storm.”” – Go NYC Magazine August 2006

�“”Rapping With Pride…Mz Fontaine, Britain’s first black lesbian rapper… is making a name for herself with groundbreaking rap and hip hop music.”” – Brent Magazine May 2006

““Mz Fontaine’s contributions… were chosen for their articulacy and their positive outlooks. She… came across brilliantly – she’s intelligent, warm, insightful and personal, but without exposing herself in a way that might feel too raw.”” – Katie Vincent, Channel 4 “Gay-Z“, Lambent Productions, London UK November 2006 ““Mz Fontaine’s not only “out” as a lesbian, she also sings openly about female sexuality with a fine craft… and by doing so the music industry have not been able to force her into a pigeonhole. Which explains why she isn’t half as exposed as she should be.”” – EuroPride Magazine, UK July 2006

““Being different is a learning process. And that’s the message Mz Fontaine, Pride London’s latest Patron, hopes to get across loud and clear.”” – EuroPride Magazine, UK July 2006

“Mz Fontaine is one of the stars of a new wave of rap and hip-hop... With a critically acclaimed album under her belt, performances at high profile gay community events and collaborations with artists in the UK and the US, Mz Fontaine is one to watch.” –, UK February 2006

Mz Fontaine is a classic mixture of talents, her motto “Pushing Musical Boundaries” boldly shows her drive and determination to be heard, to be creative and to showcase her talents throughout her career. All doubts will be destroyed that this leading artist has no direction. More information about Mz Fontaine can be obtained by the various mediums mention at the end of this document.

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