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The NEMO, also known as Control-Vision, was an unreleased video game console developed by Hasbro, notable for using VHS tapes rather than cartridges. Several of the games (most notably Sewer Shark and Night Trap) were eventually released on other systems, often disc-based ones like the Sega CD or 3DO. Hasbro formed a deal with Nolan Bushnell's company, Axlon, to produce a video game system titled Control-Vision which would contain "InstaSwitch" circuitry to change from one track of a VHS tape to another while it was still playing. Bushnell in turn formed Isix in order to work on the project.

According to the Wall Street Journal at the time, NEMO stood for "Never Ever Mention Outside" by the developer, an indication of how secret the project was. Footage of a presentation of a NEMO prototype to Hasbro executives can be found in the Sega CD version of Night Trap when entering a cheat code. This footage is from December 1986, recorded in Pawtucket, Rhode Island (the hometown of Hasbro). Lawrence H. Bernstein, working for Milton Bradley Company at that time, plays Scene of Crime, the prototype of Night Trap.

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  • Action Max, a VHS-based games system which was released

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