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NOV-205 is an experimental drug produced by Pharma BAM Spb Ltd in Russia and sold under the trade name Molixan. It consists of the salt of bis-glycine-L-cysteinyl-bis-(g -L-glutamate) with 9-b -D-ribofuranozilhypoxanthine.[1]

Novelos Therapeutics Inc. owns worldwide patent rights to NOV-205 exclusive of the Russian Federation.

This medication follows the Glutathione pathway via GSSG and therefore acts as an immunomodulator, hepatoprotective, and has anti inflammatory properties. Under oxidative stress (attack by virus at the cellular level) Oxidized Glutathione (spent side) appears to modulate inosine causing knock-out of "viral load."

NOV-205 was tolerated compared to placebo (salt water) in people with hepatitis C.

Experimental drug
Means that the trial drug is currently being tested and is not approved for sale in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
However, NOV-205 (Molixan) has been approved by the Russian Federation for treatment of liver diseases including hepatitis C.
Clinical studies in that country showed that subjects treated with NOV-205 alone had decreased indicators in the blood for the hepatitis C virus and for liver damage.

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