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Type Abjad
Spoken languages Nabataean language
Time period 2nd century BC to 4th century AD
Parent systems
Child systems Arabic alphabet
Note: This page may contain IPA phonetic symbols in Unicode.

The Nabataean alphabet is a consonantal alphabet (abjad) that was used by the Nabataeans in the 2nd century BC. Important inscriptions are found in Petra. The alphabet is descended from the Aramaic alphabet via the Syriac alphabet. It in turn developed into the Arabic alphabet from the 4th century, which is why its letterforms are intermediate between the more northerly Semitic scripts (such as the Hebrew) and Arabic.

Nabatean Name Arabic
01 aleph.svg Aleph ا/ء א
02 bet.svg Bet ب ב
03 gimel.svg Gimel ج ג
04 dal.svg Dal ד
05 ha.svg Ha ه ה
06 waw.svg Waw ו
07 zayn.svg Zayn ז
08 ha.svg Ħa ح ח
09 taa.svg Ṭaa ט
10 yaa.svg Yaa ي י
11 kaf.svg Kaf ﻛ/ك כ
12 lam.svg Lam ل ל
13 meem.svg Meem م מ
14 noon.svg Noon ن נ
15 sin.svg Samech --- ס
16 ein.svg 'in ع ע
17 fa.svg Fa ف פ
18 sad.svg Ṣad ص צ
19 qaf.svg Qaf ק
20 ra.svg Ra ר
21 shin.svg Shin س، ش שׁש
22 ta.svg Ta ת

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