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Jatt Clan: Nagyal
Distribution Punjab (Pakistan), Azad Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab (India)
Descended from: Dogra Rajputs
Branches: None
Religion Islam, Hindusim and Sikhism
Languages Punjabi and Pothohari
Surnames: Chaudhary, Raja, Sardar

Nagyal are a Jatt tribe found mainly in Rawalpindi District, Gujar Khan, Daultala, Jhelum and Gujrat Districts, as well as Punjab, Pakistan.

Nagial Jatt Tribes are found in Mirpur District, Azad Kashmir and as Hindu Nagyal Jatt tribes in Jammu in Indian administered Kashmir.


History and origin

The tribe originates from Manhas Rajputs.[1] Nagyals are originally Suryavanshi Rajput clan from the Punjab region and Jammu and Kashmir in India and Pakistan. It is an off-shoot of Jamwal-Dogra Rajputs, the founders of the city and state of Jammu and its rulers from ancient times to 1948.Both Nagyal Rajputs and Manhas or Minhas Rajputs are both from the same bloodline.The name Nagyal came into existence due to an event that took place. The event was that a mother left her son in a cradle asleep. She went out to visit someone.Shortly she came back and saw that her son was awake and happily playing with a cobra snake. She was shocked to see that the wild venomous snake did not bite the child but, in fact, was trying to protect the child. Other family members were also witness to this event.From there onwards she and her family vowed not to kill snakes.Hence they were referred to as Nagyals (those Minhas Rajputs who do not kill snakes ). Even to the present times Nagyal Rajputs try not to kill snakes. Today majority of this tribe is serving in Pakistan army especially in Pakistan air force.[citation needed]

Nagyal Dogra Rajput Villages

Nagyal Dogra Rajputs are mostly found in the Jammu & Azad Kashmir and in the Potohar Plateau region right through Daultala, Gujar Khan and Jhelum uptil Gujarat.

Here are the names of some villages Mohra Nagyal in Islamabad Capital Territory Rawalpindi District, except the mountainous tehsil of Murree.

In Kahuta Tehsil the village of Nagyal

In Rawalpindi Tehsil, their villages are Banda Nagyal, Mohra Nagyal and Maira Nagyal.

In Gujar Khan Tehsil the villages of Bhatta, Nagial Umer, Dhok Nagyal (near Gharmala), Mohra Nagyal Ghick Badhal, Bagwal, Qutbal, Gharmala, Sasral, Bhai Khan, Nagial Sohal, Gagian, Dhok Nagyal in Bewal and Nagial Pahlwan.

In Jhelum District, Dhok Kanyal Nagyal, Dhok Nagyal and Gora Nagyal are important villages.

Nagial Jatt Villages

In Mirpur District, there is only one family bloodline settled in a village called Nagial.

List of Royal Titles used by the Nagyal Dogra Rajputs

Chaudhary:Today almost all the Muslim and Hindu Nagyal Rajputs use title of Chaudhary in Jammu & Kashmir,Rawalpindi District,Gujar Khan, Daultala and Jhelum District.

Sardar:This title is mainly used by the Sikh Nagial Jatt in Jammu and Indian Kashmir.Today very few of Nagial Jatt are sikh most of them are muslim. Few Sikhs Nagial are in Punjab.

Raja:This title is also mainly used by the Nagyal Dogra Rajputs in Rawalpindi, Gujar Khan & Jehlum regions.

Famous Persons

  • Chaudhary Abdur Rehman Member Union Council Dina, Jhelum District
  • Chaudhary Jamshad Alam N/Nazm Union Council Sohn.
  • Chaudhary Akhtar Hussain sr.Head master jhelum.
  • Chaudhary Saeed Akbar, Ghick Badhal Nazm Union Council Kaniat Khalil
  • Chaudhary Sakhi Mohammed , Ghick Badhal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Chaudhary Fazal Elahi, Ghick Badhal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Chaudhary Abdul Aziz, Ghick Badhal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Choudhary Commander Mustafa, Ghick Badhal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Choudhary Makhan Khan, Ghick Badhal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Chaudhary Mohammed Hussain, Ghick Badhal Chairman Union Council Kaniat Khalil
  • Chaudhary Mohammed Yasin, Dhok Nagyal (Near Gharmala)
  • Chaudhary Col.Ashraf, Dhok Nagyal (Near Gharmala)
  • Chaudhary Capt.Hukamdad, Gharmala Head of PPP in UK in 1970s
  • Chaudhary Sub Mohammed Bashir, Bagwal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Chaudhary Sub Mohammed Nazir, Bagwal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Chaudhary Allah Ditta, Bagwal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Chaudhary Nadir, Bagwal Tehsil Gujar Khan
  • Raja Mohammed Zaman, Qutbal Tehsil Daultala

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  1. ^ A Glossary of the Tribes & Castes of Punjab by H. A Rose

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