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The principal building in Suiyuan Campus.

Nanjing Normal University (Chinese: 南京师范大学pinyin: Nánjīng Shīfàn Dàxué) is a normal university located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.



Monument commemorating the site of the Jinling Women Arts and Sciences College

The history of Nanjing Normal University can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal Institute, which was established by Zhang Zhidong, Governor-General of Jiangsu and Jiangxi, in 1902. It was renamed Liangjiang Excellent Normal Institute in 1905, and evolved into National Nanjing Higher Normal School in 1914. In 1920, National Southeast University was established on the basis of disciplines of National Nanjing Higher Normal School, and in 1923, National Nanjing Higher Normal School merged into it. In 1927, National Southeast University, Hehai Engineering University, and other six national schools of professional college lever or above, integrated into the Fourth Zhongshan University. It was renamed Jiangsu University, then National Zhongyang University, and evolved into National Nanjing University, which turned out to be Najing University in 1950. The other source of Nanjing Normal University is Huiwen Academy established in 1888. In 1910, Huiwen Academy and Hongyu Academy merged into Private Jinling University. In 1951, Private Jinling University and Private Jinling Women Arts and Science College, which was established in 1913 and renamed Jingling Women University in 1914, integrated to National Jinling University.

When the national adjustment of higher education took place in 1952, based on the normal school of Nanjing University, the educational department and the children well-being department of Jinling University, as well as other relative departments and colleges, such as the nursery specialty of Shanghai Zhendan University, the children well-being group of the social well-being department in Guangzhou Lingnan University and the science class of Nanjing Normal School integrated into Nanjing Normal College, which was set up on the former site of the Jinling Women Arts and Science College. In January 1984, it was named Nanjing Normal University, and entered the national construction of key universities under the 211 project. In March 2000, Nanjing Dynamics Higher Professional College merged into the university. At present, Nanjing Normal University has been striving to set up a comprehensive university well-known for the educational and scientific research.

Most of the graduates of the university will become teachers.

There're three campuses in NNU, Suiyuan Campus, Zijin Campus and Xianlin Campus.

And Xianlin Campus is the biggest, also the furthest from the city centre.

The International Research And Training Centre For Rural Education (INRULED) is affiliated with the Education Faculty

Graduate programs

Nanjing Normal University features a long history of postgraduate education. It was one the first higher education institutions in China which resumed the graduate programs in 1978. At present, its student enrollment is over 4600, and offers 94 master's degree programs, 42 Ph.D. programs, and 7 post-doctoral stations as well as Master of Education program. Various disciplines boast a comprehensive range, including philosophy, economics, law, educational science, arts, history, engineering, science, administration, and agriculture.

With 3 national key disciplines and 13 provincial key disciplines, Nanjing Normal University boasts a good number of distinguished instructors who are engaging in advanced teaching and research. There are 137 Ph.D. supervisors, 450 MA supervisors in NNU. Since 1978, over 1750 students have received master's degree; more than 290 students have received doctoral degree. For the last few years, the School has enrolled a large number of postgraduate students from all over the world including those from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Russia etc. At the same time, a growing number of instructors and students have been sent to the universities abroad for joint education programs and degree studies.

Providing the graduates with an excellent environment for study, research and living, Nanjing Normal University has been established as a center for teaching and research. It is sparing no effort in nurturing more highly qualified specialists to meet the needs of economic construction and social development, to promote international academic and cultural exchanges, and to advance social progress and prosperity. With the progress of graduate programs, leaders of NNU aim at ranking the university among the nation's best higher educational institutions at the beginning of the next century.

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